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Hi Everyone,

We're moving into a new building and are planning for a 3-D motion capture system (8-12 camera system) for our exercise science program. I know this question depends on what data will be collected but what size parameters would be ideal for the motion capture set-up? I'm particularly interested in the height requirements of the room? It's likely that we would be recording gait, jumping, golf swing, cycling, nothing unusual.

Any information is appreciated as this is a new tool for me.

Thanks in advance,
Dale Cannavan
Seattle Pacific University

You're right that the space is largely dependent upon the activities that you wish to record. In my experience the height of the room has been far less of a limiting factor when compared to the length and width. For the activities listed I would think that 10-12' ceilings would be more than sufficient to capture the motions, and allow for some flexibility in camera placement. Some other things you want to consider about the room size: Most motion capture systems require a buffer space in front of each camera in order to achieve optimal data capture (i.e. you won't want any motions occurring within 4-5 feet of a camera), you also will want at least 3 cameras to be seeing any individual markers at all times for optimal tracking so that usually requires even more space. Our current set-up is a 30x30 foot space, and I have found that it is sufficient for basic studies on gait, or treadmills, or cycling, but whenever we want to do anything more acrobatic or that requires more motion we generally pack up the system and move it to a larger location on campus.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions.

-Hunter Storaci
Research Assistant
Texas A&M University