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Thread: The importance of toes and minimalist footwear

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    Re: The importance of toes and minimalist footwear

    What I was driving at then , in the first post , was that very little seems to be known about the exact roles that the toe abductors and adductors play in balance and gait in the unshod condition . If we are to understand and prevent /treat patholgies in the forefoot area then an understanding of what role/s each anatomical element has evolved to play during locomotion would be of great value .
    An elegant example of this ,concerning a revised understanding of how toenails function ,which in turn has led to a new corrective technique , can be found be found at the link below (link 1)

    With regard to the passage in your post -
    " I am uncertain about the statement that "the role of the toes to give traction (grip) is crucial.” At least when walking on a flat, rigid surface..." -

    You might be interested in the following .It relates to grip ,torque ,flat rigid surfaces and the unshod condition .

    First I found myself a suitable surface such as linoleum . Next I took off my shoes and socks and stood next to a wall for support . Then , taking most of my weight initially on the right foot which was kept flat on the ground ,I put my left foot into toe off position so that only the ball of the foot and the toes were in contact with the ground . Then I carefully transferred some weight onto the left foot and finally,with the ball of the foot and toes under some pressure , rotated the foot outwards producing torque . I found that the toes played an important part in resisting the outward rotation and that they also began to become spaced out from each other possibly engaging the adductors .( please note that I am not suggesting that anyone copy the above exercise sequence or injury may result )
    So perhaps the toes can significantly aid grip on a flat rigid surface ?


    Link 1 A Novel Nonsurgical Treatment for Pincer Nail That ... - NCBI - NIH › NCBI › Literature › PubMed Central (PMC)
    by H Sano - ‎2015 - ‎Cited by 1 - ‎Related articles
    6 Mar 2015 - Hitomi Sano, MD, PhD corresponding author ... This is the first report to show that pincer nail can be treated by a nonsurgical method that ...
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