Hi Mohammad,

These references are a bit dated too (older than Ton's) but they both include summaries of muscle parameters for the upper body:

Yamaguchi GT, Sawa AGU, Moran DW, Fessler MJ, Winters JM (1990). A survey of human musculotendon actuator parameters. In: Winters JM, Woo SL (eds.), Multiple Muscle Systems, 717-773. Berlin: Springer.

Van der Helm FCT, Yamaguchi GT (2000). Morphological data for the development of musculoskeletal models: an update. In: Winders JM (ed.), Biomechanics & Neural Control of Posture & Movement, 645-658. Berlin: Springer.

They are both appendices in textbooks so finding electronic copies of them may be difficult. The Yamaguchi 1990 data is pretty easy to find on the web.

Hope this helps,