Dear community,

I am planning to do vector coding. Although circular mean and variability (descriptive) have been emphasized, when I delve into the vector coding literature, there has been very little mention of using circular statistical inferential methods (packages and software), for variables such as coupling angle.

Most times inestigators perform traditional stats on variables like phase bins, variability, but it would be cool to do something on coupling angle.

So far I am using R package and am aware of packages (eg. circular, Directional), but they do not allow repeated measures ANOVA or a more general mixed model, for my study design. One roundabout way in an article (, performed traditional stats on the xy coordinates (e.g. x = Rcos(theta), y = Rsin(theta)).

I was wondering if anyone has used (or know) of packages/software that would allow circular statistical inference, with particular emphasis on outputs from vector coding?

Any advice/help is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,