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Thread: Searching for cadence versus speed curves with anthropometrics

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    Searching for cadence versus speed curves with anthropometrics

    Hello Everyone,

    I've have been collecting cadence-versus-speed data on recreational runner's. For each subject I captured their height, weight, age, gender and distance-run-per-week. I only have about 20 data entries (see attachment), but I would like to have many more.

    I've tried to find other sources through, but I guess I haven't used the right search words. I did find some data by, but it only had gender-based group means:

    I need step-frequency data from a slow "jogging" speed (1 mph or 1 kph) up to a runner's maximum safe speed on the TM, plus their anthropometrics and weekly training distances.

    Does anyone know where I may find the data I need?

    Thank you,

    Ted Andresen
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    Re: Searching for cadence versus speed curves with anthropometrics

    Hi Ted,

    This is an interesting topic, and I like the idea of a blog to get the interested people to contribute data (I won't be able to do so personally though because I don't have a treadmill ;-) ). I am also looking for spatio-temporal data, but in gait, not running.
    At some point during your investigations, I have the feeling you may be tempted to calculate the correlation between speed vs cadence, or normalised speed vs normalised cadence. You may be interested to take a look at an article we recently published on this topic.
    It would also be interesting to investigate if dimensionless normalisation effectively remove the effect of leg length in the running data, or if there are conflicting results as we 'discovered' in gait.

    Good luck,

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