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Thread: Optical/Photocell (TTL Pulse) to trigger a mocap system

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    Optical/Photocell (TTL Pulse) to trigger a mocap system

    I have a request and now seeking sources to enable a customer to trigger a mocap system (Qualisys in this case) using an optical eye. The trigger needs to generate a TTL +/- 5v signal. The QTM software can then utilize this pulse to Start, Start/Stop, or Stop the data collection.

    If anyone has sources or experiences please let me know.

    Dan India
    Daniel India, VP Americas
    Qualisys North America, Inc.
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    Re: Optical/Photocell (TTL Pulse) to trigger a mocap system

    That is a simple analog circuit to build for less than 15 USD or an easy job for an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi connected up to a photocell to accomplish digitally for less than 40. There are large internet communities that will describe how to build either project. Alternatively, perhaps you could modify a garage door photocell safety sensor system to get the voltage you need like this product

    - Ed Morra -

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