Hello, everyone,

Our lab is conducting pilot studies for an upcoming project using fine wire electrodes to collect EMG on the flexor digitorum profundus and flexor digitorum superficialis. We are using a Noraxon Telemyo DTS telemetric system. In our lab, we have collected data recently with no hiccups and the data are looking great. However, when we brought the system to the data collection site (which is the rock wall in the campus recreation center) today to collect on a pilot subject, we were getting frequent signal dropouts. The signal looked fine when we would collect resting trials, but as soon as we had the subject perform the working trial (consisting of holds on rock wall grips), the signal would drop out for periods (~500 ms) at a time. Does anyone else have similar experience, and/or know what could be the culprit, and how to remedy this problem?

Thanks for all of your help!!