Latest camera technology used with ViconMotus 3D (former Peak Performance video analysis software)
a practical workshop from recording to 3D kinematic data.

In this workshop CONTEMPLAS will explain how latest camera technology affects and simplifies recording processes in laboratory and outdoor applications. TEMPLO software will record a simple movement by using either reflective or LED markers with multiple HD high-speed cameras.
The whole process from calibration, recording, creation of a biomechanical model, automatic digitization to 3D reconstruction and data presentation in ViconMotus software will be demonstrated. In particular TEMPLO is a very powerful recording platform of multiple high-speed video cameras and other digital and analogue devices.

Therefore it will be discussed whether high frame rate or high resolution is better for biomechanical questions. As both TEMPLO and ViconMotus software are ideal tools for teaching, but also for scientific research this workshop will provide useful information to every biomechanist.

The workshop is free for all ISBS 2017 participants in Cologne (Wed June, 14th), registration is required.

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