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  2. 2015 Nike Award for Athletic Footwear Research
  3. Plantar Pressure Values
  4. Observe surroundings walk safely by ESD safe Footwear
  5. Plantar venous plexus and the intrinsic foot muscles
  6. The mechanics of toe off during running
  7. Hydraulically discrete fascicles in skeletal muscle
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  9. "Using sound to change foot strike patterns
  10. Toe training coupled with balance perturbation training
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  13. The importance of toes and minimalist footwear
  14. Multi-segmental foot models in shod conditions
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  16. Position of the upper ankle joint axis relatively to the ground
  17. Foot borne circulatory devices
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  19. WCB 2018 - Call for Abstracts - Special Session on Running Injuries
  20. Intrinsic foot muscles .The heart of balance ?
  21. Windlass mechanisms - plural - and diabetes
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