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  1. Test Parameters for Teenagers
  2. vmax of human muscle
  3. Please vote for Toronto Rehab to win $100,000 in the PepsiRefresh contest to fund scholarships for students withdisabilities
  4. Microsoft's markerless game tracking
  5. NEW Spine blog -- Join the discussion
  6. Unusual clinical applications of movement analysis
  7. Force plate signal drift
  8. Improving the undergraduate Introductory Biomechanics course -survey extended until November 19th
  9. Need Help: Ground Reaction Forces of Human Jumping/Landing fromHeight
  10. ISB Student Awards deadline
  11. Wind-tunnel testing in cycling
  12. SpineFX Newsletter
  13. Muscles as Mechanical Struts?
  14. GPS/Heart rate monitor
  15. J Sport Sci& Med, Volume 9, December 2010 Issue
  16. OpenSim 2.2 Available
  17. JBSE update (Journal of Biomechanical Science and Engineering)
  18. Fatigue analysis for EMG
  19. LHDL data collection, tenth release: MatchedVolunteer_MOCAP
  20. ISB Emerging Scientist Award (New Student Award)
  21. Student Team Selection Online Software
  22. Removing ambient light flicker from digital high-speed videos
  23. Questionnaire used in Anderson& Mattsson's article "Adults withcerebral palsy : a survey describing..." (2001)
  24. Wind-tunnel testing in cycling - summary of replies
  25. GPS analysis query
  26. Changes at Biomch-L
  27. FujiFilm in the tibiofemoral joint
  28. launch date of the new Biomch-L forum: Jan 10th, 2011
  29. Extension for "Hit the Ball" articles for "Sports Biomechanics"
  30. Need new host for CGA site
  31. sEMG in Recumbent Cycling - A Field Study
  32. Biomch-L forum: administrative and technical comments
  33. pre-Ors 2010 best presentation prize - congratulations!
  34. Open Knee - An Open Access Finite Element Represetation of the Knee (v1 available)
  35. Used Force Platform System Needed
  36. Responses to my query: FujiFilm in the tibiofemoral joint
  37. Ariel CES/APAS Isokinetics / Motion Analysis
  38. Summary of answers: Removing ambient light flicker from digital high-speed videos
  39. Import Delsys sEMG .csv and .c3d files into Datapac ?
  40. Writing Literature Reviews
  41. Proceedings of CMBBE2010, Valencia, Spain February 2010 now available.
  42. IMechE call for manuscipts: Lower Limb Musculoskeletal Modelling
  43. Eccentric shoulder external rotation using System 3 Biodex
  44. passing of Dr. Julianne Abdendroth
  45. Information about EMG Systems
  46. Wanted: Used Datalogger
  47. The mechanical properties of human cartilage
  48. ECG Artifact Removal from EMG signals using Adaptive Filtering
  49. Motion Control Systems PTU-D100 mount C API
  50. CT Scans of an adult hand needed
  51. RSS feeds available for Biomch-L
  52. Brower Timing Lights Needed
  53. Looking for MTS testing equipment
  54. cooperation with motion analysis laboratories
  55. mini-BESTest
  56. Electromyography Versus Vibromyography to Assess Muscle Activity
  57. Open Source forward dynamics software
  58. Shoulder and Elbow torques during normal walking (Urgent Help)
  59. Young's Modulus to density relationship
  60. Sports Biomechanics Special Issue on Tennis Biomechanics
  61. New Technology to Assess Muscle Effort
  62. Self-select walking speed gait versus constrained walking speed gait
  63. Reliability Testing RS FootScan
  64. Head Mounted Display Recommendation
  65. Looking for "Strength of calcanues and astragalus"
  66. Instrumented Treadmills
  67. Rehabilitation in the Sheep Model - ACL Reconstruction
  68. J Sport Sci & Med, Volume 10, March Issue, 2011
  69. What size is your motion analysis lab
  70. Visual3D and Matlab integration for EMG denoising
  71. Sports Biomechanics Special Issue on the 2012 London Olympic/Paralympic Games
  72. Biomechanics book for Physical Therapy students
  73. Inertial motion capture system
  74. Marker placement for bilateral shoulder abduction kinematics?
  75. Pressure measurement system recommendation
  76. OpenSim on a Mac
  77. Educational Material - Download
  78. ACL Reconstruction Knee Assessment
  79. Femoral anteversion EMG gait profiles?
  80. Brand New Leica VT1000 S
  81. Should You Buy Motion Control Running Shoes and Orthotics?
  82. Ultimate stress or failure load of degenerative discs
  83. EMG hip profiles of toe-in gait?
  84. Variations in Conference Fees
  85. Editor-in-Chief, The Journal of Applied Golf Research
  86. What does the angle position for maximum angular velocity tell us?
  87. Expert advice on fitness gadgets for Men's Health UK
  88. Equipment for Biomechanics teaching
  89. Force plates vs. balance boards when measuring center of pressure
  90. Dewey Morehouse passed away on February 24th, 2011
  91. Visual 3D - calc. acceleration of 4 marker cluster
  92. Interfacing with 2 micro scribes
  93. The use of a 'control' in biomech studies
  94. Accelerometer advice please
  95. Obstacle crossing
  96. Coulbourn EMG system for sale
  97. Employment needs in Biomechanics area
  98. operating two cameras with infrared shutter
  99. In-phase coordination during obstacle crossing
  100. Obstacle height
  101. Force Plates
  102. Digital bone models
  103. Validity of Gap Filling during 3-D data analysis
  104. COP Power spectral analysis - little help
  105. Reliability retro-reflective markers
  106. Minimal-Jerk Theory: lack of application to multi-joint systems and injury prevention
  107. pressure of body
  108. In need of a Theratrek 1000 gait trainer
  109. Joint degree of freedom for plug in gait
  110. Ia Afferent discharge rate in humans?
  111. Orthopaedic Surgical Osseointegration Society (OSOS): web site launch!
  112. strain data for the tibial cartilage
  113. BTS Motion analysis systems
  114. Plantar Pressure analysis
  115. From *.stl files to parasolid using ICEM and ANSYS 12.1
  116. Biomechanics Apps For the iPad?
  117. Looking desperately for gait analysis cartoon!!
  118. New Member Introduction
  119. Looking for second source
  120. Timing runs in white water rafting (GPS?)
  121. Is there a need to normalize joint torque (during gait) for body height ?
  122. Cross correlation
  123. Abaqus Users - Win $500 or 500€ toward your travel expenses
  124. How to choose the "correct" low pass cut-off frequency for EMG signal?
  125. Bachelor of Science Education (Honours) in Sports Science
  126. Syringe plunger force
  127. NEW ForceAndMotion.org - travel and academic scholarships, Virtual Poster Session
  128. Portable Gait Analysis Tool
  129. Locomotion Course
  130. Changing the number of samples or sampling rate within a data set
  131. nonlinear dynamics
  132. Biomechanical Analysis of Striking
  133. Used lab equipment
  134. Test-retest reliability: implication of the average or single measures of ICC models
  135. Video based kinematic analysis software for teaching
  136. Research methods for exoskeleton design using musculoskeletal dynamics
  137. JAB and PubMed
  138. Over-ground walk/run velocity measurement methods
  139. Kinect for use in Biomechanics
  140. Acceptable Vicon Image Errors
  141. Relating GSR to sweating
  142. License SD/FAST with SIMM
  143. How to Synchronize 3-D Data with video data in Vicon Nexus?
  144. Question Describing Joint Motions as Rolling
  145. trunk deformities
  146. Synchronising with Vicon
  147. Call for Proposals: NCSRR Pilot Project Program
  148. Vicon video problem
  149. Shear force sensor
  150. Terminology - stability vs. balance?
  151. Travel award application deadline is Monday at 9 a.m. - Force and Motion Foundation
  152. strain data for the tibial cartilage
  153. JRRD Issue on Rehabilitation Robotic Devices
  154. A statistics question
  155. Determination of footwear sole contact area
  156. Challenges in undergraduate teaching
  157. J Sport Sci & Med, Vol 10, June Issue, 2011
  158. Wanted: Optotrak Certus
  159. RSScan Automatic Zoning
  160. Is “Arena Full Body Mocap” suitable for biomechanical studies?
  161. looking for running kinematics and kinetics data of adults.
  162. Anti-reflective floor in motion lab
  163. Help with integrating OPTOTRAK 3020 and Matlab
  164. Reliability of video analysis of cycling
  165. Assessment of Explosive strength
  166. Peak performance: event video control unit
  167. Virtual Poster Session Travel award winners - Force and Motion Foundation
  168. Looking for a material testing machine: used MTS Insight or Instron 5942
  169. Vicon BodyBuilder License Issue
  170. Annotation of avi files to identify timings of events
  171. Wireless EMG for youth evaluation
  172. Matlab for Euler angles
  173. Getting Rotation Angles From the VICON
  174. Free software for unit conversion (from Voltage to Newton)
  175. Physics teacher - grade 6
  176. Caveats with converting from quicktime to avi
  177. I´m looking information about morbid obese
  178. cad-cam and orthoses
  179. Kinect Biomechanics Part 2
  180. July Survey on i-FAB-PG Consensus Activity (PMD hardware performance assessment)
  181. Canadian Society for Biomechanics (CSB) Newsletter available
  182. Reliability and validation of motion capture system to measure spinal mobility
  183. Force Plate Bicycle Pedals
  184. Vertical and leg stiffness
  185. Changel coordinate system from 3d image (CT-Scan)
  186. Athletic Shoe Design Books
  187. Problem with JCS for Hip joint when using polhemus
  188. Journal of Sports Science and Engineering
  189. Vicon Computer
  190. GCMAS 2012 Call for Tutorials
  191. MatLab Code for Post-Processing EMG Data
  192. BTS Analog Camera
  193. visual 3-D
  194. Control of limb prosthesis
  195. Shoulder and elbow torques during normal walking
  196. Gait Lab stats
  197. motion capture using only one marker and one camera
  198. Discuss image-based research with experts
  199. Conference reports: European College of Sport Science and Football Science VII
  200. motion capture system - 3d calibration flaw
  201. NDI Optotrak 3020 equipment
  202. Vicon has problem (update...?)
  203. Peak Motus camera problem
  204. J Sport Sci & Med, Vol 10, September Issue, 2011
  205. PULNIX camera for VICON 512 needed
  206. Wireless motion analysis system for obtaining COM
  207. Vicon Plug-in gait model
  208. Labview Training
  209. Ultrasound stimulation and dynamic thermography
  210. Matlab code, Input: .c3d file, Ouput: ankle, knee, hip joint angles and moments??
  211. type of tape used for the reflective markers
  212. Matlab program for EMG latency
  213. EMG analysis software
  214. Device for torsional tests of long bones in a linearly actuated testing machine
  215. Custom Overbuilt Inc. "Overspeed" treadmill for sale. Great for rehab or research.
  216. Motor Control textbook
  217. Stair climbing data collection
  218. Simple devices to measure ankle and knee angles...
  219. Biological Instrumentation
  220. Nest Of Birds Matlab Program
  221. Normative data base of lower limb kinematics
  222. Validating wireless EMG results
  223. Alternatives ( bovine/pig bone ) to human cadaveric material for implant testing ?
  224. Discussion on the biomechanics of a pull-up and vertical jump
  225. International Sport Science Masters Program, University of Konstanz, Germany
  226. Normalizing gait center of pressure data
  227. DPI for Journal Publication
  228. Max bending forces of hallux
  229. Force Platform Configuration - Gait Lab
  230. Paper request
  231. American Society of Biomechanics is on Facebook and Twitter
  232. FE Exam for Injury Biomechanics
  233. Vicon Nexus auto-labelling help
  234. Vicon 460 camera
  235. Holes in the literature
  236. FeatureFinder: A free tool for visual review, filtering, and feature extraction
  237. 2012 Student Grant Announcement
  238. Simultaneous collection of Pedobarograph and wireless EMG data
  239. Adjustable camera arms
  240. GCMAS Young Investigator Award -- Due 10/14
  241. Bertec Treadmill Max Speed
  242. Camera placement
  243. Undergraduate Biomechanics Labs
  244. Nerve Biomechanics
  245. Follower load for spine
  246. Any Vicon Workstation Licenses Available?
  247. Release of OpenSim 2.4, Software for Modeling and Simulation of Movement
  248. Force plate on a non-horizontal and non-vertical plane.
  249. Simple Force Plate for Undergraduate Courses
  250. Matlab code for critically damped filter