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  1. Iowa State University Kinesiology Department Chair
  2. Postdoctoral Fellow in Injury Prevention and/or Concussion – Wearable Technologies
  3. EPSRC funded PhD to Develop Gaze Training for Skilled Upper-Limb Prosthetic Use
  4. Research Assistant with programming experience (MRRI - Philadelphia PA)
  5. Senior Tutor Position, Biomedical Engineering, University of Melbourne
  6. Post-doctoral fellow position - injury prevention in older adults - U. of Waterloo
  7. POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW- STROKE RESEARCH, Shirley Ryan Ability Lab, (RIC) Chicago, IL USA
  8. Lecturer / Assistant Prof. in Modelling and Control of Human Movement, Liverpool, UK
  9. PhD student in bone biomechanics at Empa, Thun, Switzerland
  10. Sports Technologist, Impact Tech Labs, London, UK
  11. Motion Analysis Laboratory - Biomechanical Engineer and Researcher
  12. Graduate positions(s) in Biomechanics / Motor Control
  13. Graduate Assistantships in Physical Rehabilitation Science at UM Baltimore.
  14. Research Assistant - Foot and Ankle Biomechanics - North Chicago, IL
  15. Funded Graduate Assistantships in Walking Dynamics at Penn State University
  16. Head of Department - Sport and Exercise Sciences (Manchester, UK)
  17. Professional Baseball Biomechanics Position
  18. Delsys, Inc. announces the formation of its Scientific Advisory Team
  19. Funded PhD Position in Neuromuscular Biomechanics at West Virginia University
  20. Master's-Level Physiologist
  21. Assistant Professor, Neuromechanics, McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario)
  22. Funded PhD position in sensorimotor control and learning, University of Calgary
  23. Product Manager, Life Sciences - Vicon Motion Systems, Oxford
  24. Tenure-track faculty position in Biomechanics and Neuromotor Control at Harvard
  25. Full/Associate Professor Position - Department of Biomechanics (Omaha, NE, USA)
  26. Graduate Positions in Kinesiology and Community Health (Fall 2018)
  27. Postdoctoral Position in Biomechanics, Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology
  28. Graduate Intern Positions - Biomechanics, SIAT CAS
  29. Research Engineer in Orthopaedic Biomechanics , Tuebingen Germany
  30. Funded PhD position University of Delaware BIOMS program
  31. Funded PhD positions in Human Sensorimotor Control, University of Central Florida
  32. Funded PhD position in human sensorimotor control, Laval University, Quebec City, Can
  33. Graduate Student Itern -- Oculus Research (Redmond, WA)
  34. Two Postdoc Positions in CFD and machine learning in SIAT (160K USD for two years )
  35. Director of Human Performance Labopratory, Busan Korea
  36. Director Consumer Research Laboratory, Busan Korea
  37. Stanford Children’s Health Sports Physical Therapist - Anticipated Position
  38. ARCCA is Hiring for a Forensic Biomechanical Engineer Penns Park, PA (Outside Philly)
  39. Funded PhD studentship in Musculoskeletal modelling - University of Bath, England
  40. Call for Applications - NCSRR/OpenSim Visiting Scholars Program 2018 at Stanford
  41. Biomedical Engineer position open at the Minneapolis VA Regional Amputatation Center
  42. Gait Laboratory Manager, Senior Clinical Scientist, Queen Mary's Hospital, London, UK
  43. Assistant/Associate Professor, Division of Physical Therapy, UNC-Chapel Hill
  44. Postdoctoral Research Engineer, Rehabilitation Engineering and Robotics lab, UCD
  45. Assistant Professor - Biomechanics, Arizona State University
  46. Postdoc positions in musculoskeletal modelling (UdeM, Montreal)
  47. PhD Assistantships in Neural Control of Movement: Utah State University
  48. Lecturer / Assistant Prof. in Neuromuscular Modelling and Control, Liverpool, UK
  49. PhD Position, University of Verona, Italy
  50. PhD position offer in under industrial agreement, Université de Lyon, France
  51. Graduate Student Position in ME, BioE or BME (Univ of Vermont, Burlington, VT, USA)
  52. Human knee mechanics, PhD position, Flinders University, Australia
  53. Engineer position in computational modeling and simulation
  54. PhD position in biomechanics of prenatal joint development Imperial College London UK
  55. Biomedical/Mechanical Engineer (Research) - VISN 2 Gait and Motion Lab, New York, NY
  56. Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Biomechanics, Queen's University, Canada
  57. Sports Physical Therapist – Motion & Sports Performance Lab Stanford
  58. Motion Analysis Research Laboratory Technician
  59. Physical Therapy Faculty - Assistant/Associate Professor
  60. Postdoc Position at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
  61. PhD studentship on Prevention of musculoskeletal injuries in musicians
  62. Musculoskeletal Biomechanics academic posts and research opportunities at LJMU
  63. Lecturer/Snr Lecturer in Exercise and Sport Sciences
  64. Assistant/associate/full professor mechanical engineering and physical therapy
  65. Research Lab Manager | Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, Frisco TX
  66. Performance Biomechanist - Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Major League Baseball
  67. PhD Scholarship in Computer Science - Australian National University
  68. Postdoc in Wearable Robotics - University of Michigan ME Dept. / Robotics Institute
  69. PhD studentship and postdoc position in neuromechanical models of human locomotion
  70. Seeking Mechanical/Biomedical Eng. Grad students -Western University, London ON, CAN
  71. Medical Robotics Quality Assurance, Testing, Tech Sales and Support (Linthicum, MD)
  72. NIH Funded Post-Doc in Locomotor Dynamics - Penn State University
  73. Funded Graduate Assistantships in Walking Dynamics at Penn State University
  74. Postdoctoral Position in Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation, University of Minnesota
  75. MS Assistantships Available at Montana State University, Bozeman, MT
  76. Biomedical Engineer Position at BTS Bioengineering
  77. Assistant/Associate Professor position in Kinesiology at East Carolina University
  78. Multiple faculty openings in human systems engineering @ uf ise
  79. M.S. Assistantships for Fall 2018 - Appalachian State University
  80. Postdoctoral research fellowship City University of New York
  81. Opening For Biomechanical Engineer – UCLA Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
  82. M.S. assistantships are available starting Fall 2018 at East Carolina University.
  83. Postdoctoral Research Associate in Skeletal Ageing and Biomechanics at Insigneo
  84. Clinical Assistant Professor in Exercise Science
  85. OptiTrack - Customer Support Engineer – Corvallis, Oregon, USA
  86. PhD Position - Neuromotor Control of Rehabilitation Devices
  87. Postdoctoral Research Engineer, Rehabilitation Engineering and Robotics lab, UCD
  88. 4-year PhD studentship in Structure and Motion Lab, Royal Veterinary College
  89. Assistant Professor (tenure track), Exercise Physiology, University of Wyoming
  90. Research Assistant - Foot and Ankle Biomechanics - North Chicago, IL
  91. Research Assistant - Imaging Research - Vail, CO, USA
  92. PhD Positions in Neuromuscular Biomechanics at The University of Queensland-Australia
  93. Wearable Robotics Research Assistant, Menlo Park, CA - can work remotely
  94. PhD position in cycling biomechanics at University of Poitiers (FRANCE)
  95. West Chester Univ. (PA), Assistant/Associate Prof, Applied Exercise & Sports Science
  96. Funded Positions for Biomechanics Master's Degree Program
  97. Head Athletic Trainer & Lecturer, Univ. of Texas Permian Basin
  98. Joint Melbourne-Birmingham PhD - single ventricle heart function in children
  99. Doctoral Graduate Assistantships at UNLV
  100. MSc & PhD Positions in Injury Biomechanics, University of Alberta, Edmonton AB Canada
  101. Research Assistant in an exciting wearable robotics development team - Auckland, NZ
  102. PhD Scholarship in Skill Acquisition/Motor Learning on Expert Decision-Making
  103. Part Time Research Physical Therapist in Illinois
  104. Funded summer research positions for undergraduates at East Carolina University
  105. Postdoctoral research position in computational Cardiovascular Biomechanics
  106. Wearable Robotics Software Engineer - Menlo Park, CA
  107. Faculty Position in Biomechanics at Pepperdine University
  108. Research Engineer in Orthopaedic Biomechanics
  109. Asst/Assoc Prof. in Biomechanics at Trine University (Angola, Indiana)
  110. Laboratory Manager at Xenith in Detroit
  111. Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) - Physical Therapy Program at Oakland University
  112. Physical Therapy Chair Position (SUNY Upstate, Syracuse, NY, USA)
  113. Funded PhD Graduate Research Assistantships – University of Pittsburgh, , NMRL
  114. PhD scholarship (fees and stipend) in Brisbane, Australia
  115. PhD Position (University of Canterbury, New Zealand)
  116. Chair Position - Dept of Physical Therapy (Marquette University - Milwaukee, USA)
  117. Postdoctoral Fellow, EEG/EMG Processing & Rehab Robotics, Univ of Maryland, Baltimore
  118. Postdoctoral Position in Baseball Biomechanics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  119. Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist in Gait Analysis - CRC, Dublin, Ireland
  120. Assistant Professor - Environmental Health and Safety at Oakland University
  121. PhD Position in Time-lapsed Imaging/Computational Modelling (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
  122. Assistant Professor in Biomechanics - Michigan Technological University
  123. Research Engineer at Stanford in measurement of concussion
  124. Professor in Biomechanics
  125. Research Assistant, Center for Advanced Orthopaedic Studies – Boston, MA
  126. PhD Project: Tailored mechanical design of biodegradable metallic orthopaedic implant
  127. Research Assistant Professor & Director of Sport Performance Center
  128. Research Fellow at Uni Southampton, Assessing Prosthetics in Low/Mid Income Countries
  129. Head of Clinical Research - Munich, Germany - Medtech Startup
  130. Prosthetics Interfaces, Assistant Professor, University of Central Florida (UCF)
  131. Biomechanics postdoc position available at the University of Michigan
  132. Neuroimaging postdoc position available at the University of Michigan
  133. Graduate Assistant - Exercise & Sport Science Dept at University of Central Arkansas
  134. Postdoctoral Fellowship - Supporting family caregivers (Toronto, Canada)
  135. PhD student position in clinical gait analysis (University of Geneva)
  136. Post-doctoral Fellowship Positions available at University of Maryland, Baltimore
  137. Software Engineer/Biomechanics Simulation R&D Position in Pittsburgh, PA
  138. Postdoctoral Fellow - Hand Biomechanics at Cleveland Clinic
  139. Funded PhD Scholarship in Foot Neuromechanics, The University of Queensland
  140. Postdoctoral fellowship in orthopaedic biomechanics, university of california davis
  141. PhD Student in Kinesiology & Rehabilitation
  142. Masters student position available at Widener University
  143. University of Waterloo, Canada - Kinesiology Faculty Position in Neuromechanics
  144. Support Engineer - Delsys, Inc.
  145. Seeking Motion Lab Engineer in Gainesville, Florida
  146. PhD Position in Musculo-skeletal modelling in lizards, Sunshine Coast, Australia
  147. Department Head Position - Kinesiology and Health Science - Utah State University
  148. PhD Studentship in Musculoskeletal Imaging & Biomechanics - Manchester Met University
  149. Physical Therapy Faculty Position (tenure track) at Virginia Commonwealth University
  150. Tenure Track Faculty Position - University of Maryland School of Medicine, PTRS
  151. Research Lab Manager - Orthopaedic Biomechanics
  152. Post-Doctoral Orthopaedic Bioengineering Lab, Massachusetts General Hospial/Harvard
  153. PhD position, connective tissue characterization, @LBMC, Univ Lyon, FRANCE
  154. Research Engineer for Spinal Cord Injury research lab at Shepherd Center Hospital
  155. Postdoctoral position in Bone Biomechanics at Insigneo, Sheffield, UK
  156. Ph.D. assistantships in Kinesiology & Rehabilitation at ODU, Norfolk, VA, USA
  157. Biomechanics Postdoc Position at Miami University's Center for Assistive Technology
  158. PhD Assistantship in Neural Control of Movement: Utah State University
  159. Senior/Staff Engineer, Research & Testing - NuVasive, Inc. - San Diego, CA, USA
  160. Postdoctoral Associate in Musculoskeletal Health Engineering Lab,Texas A&M University
  161. Endowed chair in Pediatric Physical Therapy, University of Southern California
  162. Biomechanics Lecturer - Gonzaga University (Spokane, WA)
  163. Call for 2018 Doctoral Programs for International Students,UCAS Shenzhen
  164. Post-doctoral fellowships in translational neuroscience and neurorehabilitation
  165. University of Massachusetts Amherst - Lecturer, Kinesiology, School of Public Health
  166. Postdoctoral Position in Time-lapsed Imaging/Computational Modelling (ETH Zurich, CH)
  167. Movement Science Laboratory Manager, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital, Frisco, TX
  168. Post-doctoral Research Position in Prevention of Post-Traumatic Osteoarthritis
  169. Lead Engineer - Sports Science IoT Algorithm Development, Blast Motion, Carlsbad, CA
  170. Postdoc position on progression prediction Osteoarthritis @ KU Leuven, Belgium
  171. 2 × Industry funded PhD scholarships - The University of Adelaide
  172. Postdoc position on knee ligament and articular mechanics @Flinders, Australia
  173. PhD scholarship in paediatric bone modelling and validation using DIC @ Sheffield
  174. Gait and Movement Technologist - CRC Dublin, Ireland
  175. Gait Lab Engineer - Nationwide Children's Hospital - Columbus, OH
  176. MSc or PhD Position in Biomedical/Pharmaceutical Engineering at U of Alberta (Canada)
  177. Machine learning for control strategies of lower extremity prosthetics/orthotics
  178. Postdoctoral Fellowship Positions
  179. MS Graduate Assistenship
  180. Postdoctoral Position in Orthopaedic Biomechanics/Biotransport (San Francisco, CA)
  181. Biomedical Engineer - Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (Bethesda, MD)
  182. PhD Students in Imaging/Biomechanics needed
  183. 1 year research assistant
  184. PhD Position in ACL Research | University of Connecticut
  185. Postdoc. Researcher in Gait Analysis/Wearable Sensing @ Carnegie Mellon University
  186. Mechatronic/mechanical engineer - prosthetics (Genoa, Italy)
  187. Associate Dean, College of Health and Human Development
  188. Software Engineer @ Uni Southampton, DBMS for Prosthetics in Low/Mid Income Countries
  189. Postdoctoral Research Fellowship: Wearable Sensor Applications in Pediatric Mobility
  190. Laboratory Technician Vacancy - Nottingham, UK
  191. Doctoral Positions in Motor Control of Reaching: Penn State University
  192. Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Rehabilitation Neuroscience, Engineering Research
  193. Post Doctoral Associate - Department of Neurology
  194. 4-year PhD student and/or research assistant position at Ghent University
  195. FORENSIC BIOMECHANICAL ENGINEER - PhD - Penns Park, PA (Philadelphia Suburbs)
  196. PhD studentship - Irish Rugby Injury Surveillance and Prevention
  197. Biomedical Engineer - VISN 2 Gait and Motion Lab, New York, NY
  198. Post-Doctoral Research Fellow - Foot Biomechanics, The University of Queensland
  199. 3-year funded PhD studentship on joint shape development at Imperial College London
  200. Biomechanical/Biomatl Engineering Intern; Summer and/or Fall 2018 (Silver Spring, MD)
  201. PhD Scholarship - Achilles Tendon FEA - Griffith University, Australia
  202. Post-Doctoral fellow- Center for Bionic Medicine- Shirley Ryan AbilityLab
  203. PhD Studentship: Biomechanics of skull growth at University College London
  204. Tenure track position in experimental biomechanics in Graz, Austria
  205. Clinical Scientist (rehabilitation engineer)- Gait Analysis Laboratory, Belfast
  206. Postdoc in Biophotonics and Optical Elastography
  207. Assistant Professor ergonomics / Human Factors
  208. PhD Studentship: knee biomechanics at the University of Denver
  209. Postdoc Position in Clinical Neuroscience at Cleveland Clinic, Ohio
  210. Research Assistant/Associate in hand biomechanics at Imperial College London
  211. Assistant Professor - Indian Institute of Technology Madras
  212. Assistant Professor, Wake Forest Orthopaedic Research
  213. FDA Mechanical/Biomedical Engineering Opportunity
  214. Post Doc Position with the US Army Research Laboratory in Raleigh, NC USA
  215. Funded PhD position in sensorimotor control and learning, University of Calgary
  216. Funded PhD Student Position in Human Movement Science, UNC Chapel Hill
  217. Canada Research Chair in Mechanisms of Concussion - University of Calgary
  218. PhD student position in musculoskeletal modelling (Nancy-France/Luxembourg)
  219. Funded MS Assistantship in Biomechanics Lab at Miami University
  220. Post-Doctoral Position in Achilles Tendinopathy Outcomes and Rehabilitation Research
  221. Applied Research Assistant - (KTP Associate), in Footwear Biomechanics, Bristol UK
  222. Faculty Position Washington University in St. Louis Program in Physical Therapy
  223. PhD student position in gait biomechanics using virtual reality (Montreal, Canada)
  224. PhD in neuromechanics and obesity at The University of Queensland & The Uni of Exeter
  225. PhD position - Fast simulations in vascular biomechanics - University of Lyon (FR)
  226. Phd Position : Biomechanical analysis of the performance of a musician (3 years)
  227. Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment (CAREN) Operator
  228. Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment (CAREN) Programmer
  229. Faculty Position - University of Delaware, Kinesiology & Applied Physiology
  230. PhD Student on biomechanics, inertial sensors and running (Enschede, the Netherlands)
  231. PhD Assistantship in Wearable Technology
  232. Postdoctoral Associate in Musculoskeletal Health Engineering Lab,Texas A&M University
  233. Post-Doctoral fellow- Legs and Walking Lab- Shirley Ryan AbilityLab/Northwestern Univ
  234. Post-doctoral fellowships in translational neuroscience and neurorehabilitation
  235. Postdoctoral position USC COOR Lab
  236. Postdoctoral salaries in Geneva, Switzerland?
  237. New Post-Doc Position at University of Michigan in Sport/Data Analytics
  238. Postdoc Fellowship - INSPIRE Lab, Harvard Medical School
  239. Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Clinical Biomechanics, Univ. of Bath, UK
  240. University President - Samuel Merritt University, Oakland, CA USA
  241. Research Assistant at Sports Surgery Clinic, Dublin
  242. PhD Assistantship in Musculoskeletal Biomechanics and Computational modeling
  243. Tenure-track position in Physical Therapy at Elon
  244. Graduate opportunity in motor control/motor learning (University of Toronto)
  245. Postdoctoral Research Associate position in Biomechanics
  246. Postdoctoral Fellow in Biomechanics, Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, NY, USA
  247. Postdoctoral position - dynamic in-vitro simulations of lower-limb joints
  248. AnyBody Technology: Computational Biomechanics Specialist and Software Developer
  249. AnyBody Technology: Simulation Core Software Developer
  250. Harvard Paid Fellowship / Internship in Biomechanics and Human Subjects Studies