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  1. Graduate Study in Kinesiology at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  2. Faculty Positions – Open Rank – University of Denver
  3. Two Faculty Positions in Biomechanics/Neurocience at the University of Florida
  4. PhD position (65%, 2 years) at the University of Stuttgart
  5. Lecturer in Biomechanics, Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Leeds
  6. PhD position in Orthopedic Implant Biomechanics, Paris, France
  7. Biomechanics/Kinesiology Professional for Sports Skills Acquisition
  8. University of South Dakota - Assistant Professor of Exercise Science
  9. Three positions in surgical biomechanics at Smith & Nephew
  10. Biomech/Mechanical Engineer; Orthopeadics- Computational Modeling (Silver Spring, MD)
  11. Faculty position in biomechanics, Stanford University, Stanford CA, USA
  12. Research Position - Mechanical Design of Novel Cycling System - Montpellier, France
  13. PhD fellowship - Development of movement and mobility algorithms for wearables..
  14. Business Developer - Human Motion Measurement
  15. Funded PhD Position
  16. Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Biomechanics of Human Movement, University of Denver
  17. Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Computational Biomechanics, University of Denver
  18. Lecturer or Senior Lecturer in Biomechanics - University of BATH (UK)
  19. Research Fellow position - Coventry - United Kingdom Closes 1st Nov 2018
  20. Director, Warfighter Systems Integration Lab, Revision Military
  21. Postdoc Position in Clinical Neuroscience and Neuro-Rehabilitation, Cleveland Clinic
  22. PhD and MSc positions at the University of Oklahoma - USA
  23. Biomedical Engineer - Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Bethesda MD
  24. Post-Doctoral Researcher - Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Bethesda MD
  25. Harvard Paid Fellowship / Internship in Biomechanics and Upper/Lower Extremity
  26. Postdoc in Biomechanics/Ergonomics/Clinical Evaluation Upper/Lower Extremity, Harvard
  27. Pre-Doc Fellowship at Ithaca College
  28. Visiting Researcher/PostDoc/PhD in modelling neuromuscular disorders
  29. Biomechanist/Engineer Opportunity at adidas
  30. One Postdoc Position in Motor Control and Neurorehabilitation in BME at U Houston
  31. Biomedical Engineer position (GS11), Center for the Intrepid, San Antonio, TX
  32. Research Coordinator Position at the University of Florida
  33. Tenure Track Assistant/Associate Professor – Exercise Science, Oakland University
  34. Instructional Faculty- Assistant/Associate Tenure Track Position
  35. PhD Position in Lower Extremity Orthopaedic Biomechanics
  36. PhD Position in Hip Fracture Biomechanics at UBC
  37. Research Engineer in Biomechanics, Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, NY, USA
  38. Beijing Sport University (BSU) : High-Level Talents Recruitment
  39. Asst Prof Tenure Track - Kinesiology Neuroscience - Univ of NC Greensboro
  40. Career Opportunity: Director, Kinesiology; Western University, London, ON, Canada
  41. 2 PhD positions in Traumatic Injury Biomechanics in Ottawa, ON
  42. Two open Postdoc positions at Heidelberg University
  43. Post-doc Position – Institute of Neuroscience, Newcastle University, UK
  44. Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering, Keele University, UK
  45. PhD Assistantships Available at Texas Tech University
  46. PhD Assistantship in Biomechanics at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  47. Asst. Professor (Lecturer) in Kinesiology, University of Utah (Salt Lake City, Utah)
  48. Asst/Assoc Professor in Exercise Biomechanics, Texas A&M University (College Station)
  49. Job Offer 50% (German), Instite of Sport Sciences, University of Muenster, Germany
  50. Post-Doctoral Fellowship Available: AI/Machine Learning in Biomechanics, Univ Denver
  51. Instructor / Assistant Professor Positions - USMA at West Point, NY
  52. Ph.D. Student Opening - Lung Mechanics - Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ
  53. University of Oregon Human Physiology, Multiple Faculty Postions - new deadline
  54. PhD position - University of Exeter / NTU Singapore
  55. PhD Position in M2S Lab (Rennes) and CNRS/LAAS (Toulouse)
  56. Master's/PhD positions in brain injury biomechanics - University of British Columbia
  57. Post-Doc Fellowship: Computer vision&Machine Learning; University of Zagreb, Croatia
  58. Post-doc Fellowship: Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville TN
  59. Faculty Teaching Position: Milwaukee School of Engineering
  60. Human Performance Lab Intern - Brooks Running, Seattle WA
  61. Director position, Motion & Sports Performance Lab at Stanford Children’s Health
  62. Assistant/Associate Professor - Doctor of Physical Therapy - Tenure Track
  63. Senior Faculty Position - Rehabilitation and Movement Science - U. of Texas at Austin
  64. Postdoc position in human movement simulation at LBMC (Lyon, France)
  65. Tenure-track faculty position at Univ of Montana Physical Therapy
  66. Master’s position in sport biomechanics research program – McGill University
  67. Assistant professor applied exercise physiology
  68. Funded PhD studentship in foot biomechanics at University of Exeter UK
  69. Applied Biomechanist Position - Full Time (Burnaby, British Columbia, CANADA)
  70. M.Sc. Position in Biomechanics - University of Alberta
  71. Director Sports Science - ANTA Sports Ltd - Xiamen CHINA
  72. PhD in Rehabilitation Science Fellowship at University of Alabama at Birmingham
  73. Faculty Position - University of Washington, Mechanical Engineering (Seattle, USA)
  74. PhD and Postdoc positions in biomechanics at New Jersey Institute of Technology
  75. PhD in human biomechanics and robotics - BxRL at Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada
  76. Research Engineer at the VA Puget Sound
  77. open rank faculty position in Human Movement Science at Northeastern, Boston, MA
  78. Multiple junior- and senior-level faculty positions at Univ of Alabama, USA
  79. PhD scholarship in computational modelling of obstructive sleep apnoea - Australia
  80. Post-Doctoral Researcher in Post-Amputation Clinical Care and Outcomes
  81. Assistant/Associate Professor – Boise State University
  82. Postdoctoral Research Position - Wearable Technology
  83. PhD in swimming biomechanics at Loughborough University, UK
  84. PhD - Stroke in Young Adults: Outdoor rehabilitation to improve outcomes
  85. Assistant/Associate Professor in BME - Stevens Institute of Technology
  86. Research Associate – Institute of Neuroscience, Newcastle University, UK
  87. Postdoc position multi-scale modeling @ KU Leuven, Belgium
  88. Wake Forest Biomedical Engineering Summer REU Internships
  89. Clinical Assistant Professor in AT at Washington State University
  90. Research Assistant position at the VA Puget Sound
  91. Master's Degree in Cognitive Ergonomics @ University of Windsor
  92. PhD Positions
  93. Funded PhD: Dynamics of human-structure interaction, University of Exeter UK
  94. Graduate Assistantships in Physical Rehabilitation Science at UM Baltimore
  95. PhD position in Human Movement and Rehab Science, Northeastern University, Boston, MA
  96. Faculty Opening, Department of Physical Therapy, Creighton University
  97. PhD Assistantships Available at Texas Tech University
  98. Funded M.S. and PhD position in Foot and Ankle Mechanics at BYU
  99. Postdoctoral Fellowship in Rehabilitation Neuroscience
  100. PhD Position – Institute of Neuroscience, Newcastle University, UK
  101. MS Graduate Assistantship in Biomechanics Fal 2019 - University of Memphis
  102. Professional Soccer Sports Science Internship
  103. Erdemir Laboratory is recruiting in computational biomechanics
  104. Assistant Professor - Biomechanics, Dept. of Movement Arts, Health Promotion and Leis
  105. Faculty Position in Athletic Training - University of Michigan
  106. MS Assistantship lower limb exoskel neuromuscul disorders Institut Myologie Paris
  107. Research Associate, Human Performance Lab, North Chicago Illinois
  108. Lab Manager Full-Time Position
  109. Assistant/Associate Professor- Utah State University
  110. World Rugby-funded PhD; Cardiff University, UK
  111. Engineer II Position at the University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri
  112. Postdoctoral position, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island
  113. MS Assistantship - Fall 2019 - University of Memphis
  114. Postdoc in Upper Limb Prosthesis Control at the Joint Dept. BME at UNC/NC State
  115. Biomechanics Research Technician, HPL, Faculty of Kinesiology - University of Calgary
  116. Postdoctoral position at University of Florida
  117. post-doctoral position in spine biomechanics at Washington State University
  118. Post-doctoral position in biomaterials and biomechanics at the UConn Health Center
  119. PhD Assistantship at UMD Neuromechanics Research Core
  120. Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Toronto Rehabilitation Institute
  121. 2 PhD Positions in Bone Multiscale Mechanics at The City College of New York
  122. Ph.D. Assistantship at the University of Kentucky in lower extremity biomechanics
  123. Postdoctoral position in Biomechanic's - Université de Montréal (Québec, Canada)
  124. Part-time lecturer, Institute of Sport Sciences, University of Muenster, Germany
  125. University of Maryland, Baltimore U.M.A.N.R.R.T. Post-doctoral Fellowship positions
  126. PhD position available in Sensorimotor Neuroscience at the University of Georgia
  127. Faculty Positions - Drexel University, Phys Therapy & Rehab Science, Philadelphia, PA
  128. Post-Doctoral fellow- Legs and Walking Lab- Shirley Ryan AbilityLab/Northwestern Univ
  129. PhD position (65%, 2 years) at the University of Stuttgart
  130. Full-time Research assistant\Project manager
  131. Director, Testing, Engineering and Research Services, RIHOF (www.RIHOF.org)
  132. PhD student in computational biomechanics
  133. PhD student in biomedical engineering
  134. Post-Doctoral Position in Achilles Tendinopathy Outcomes and Rehabilitation Research
  135. Research Engineer | Orthopaedic Biomechanics | Dept. of BME at SPRI | Vail, CO, USA
  136. Post doctoral position in GIPSA-Lab/LJK laboratories, Grenoble, France
  137. Research Fellow position at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia
  138. Post Doctoral Position in Organisational Psychology
  139. Research Engineer; Neurorehabilitation; Charleston, South Carolina
  140. PhD Position in Safe Human-Robot Interaction
  141. PhD Research Assistantship Available | University of Connecticut
  142. Department Chair, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Norfolk, VA, USA
  143. Research Assistant Position at USARIEM
  144. Post Doc ACL injury/Biomechanics (Ann Arbor, MI)
  145. ARCCA is Hiring for a Forensic Biomechanical Engineer Penns Park, PA (Outside Philly)
  146. PhD Position in Upper Limb Injury Biomechanics at McMaster University
  147. 2 PhD Positions in Bone Multiscale Mechanics at The City College of New York
  148. Faculty Position - Muscles & Movement group - University of Leuven, Kortrijk, Belgium
  149. Post-Doctoral Fellowship on Neural Plasticity in Spinal Cord Injury- SRALab Chicago
  150. Postdoctoral Fellow at Cleveland VA - Clinical Neuroscience and Neuro-Rehabilitation
  151. Fully funded PhD Studentship in Sports Biomechanics, Nottingham, UK
  152. Department of Kinesiology Chair Position at East Carolina University
  153. PhD in Cranial Suture Soft Tissue Mechanics at the University of Alberta
  154. Assistant/Associate Professor of Physical Therapy, Tenure Track, August 2019
  155. PhD Studentship in Spine Biomechanics - Imperial College London
  156. Post-Doctoral Fellow - Center Bionic Medicine - Shirley Ryan AbilityLab
  157. Biomedical Engineer position (GS11), Center for the Intrepid, San Antonio, TX
  158. PhD Research Assistant Positions Available (Indianapolis, IN)
  159. Post-doc in Rehab Robotics (design and development)- University College Dublin
  160. PhD Studentship at Aston University U.K. - Biomechanics in Post-Flatfoot Surgery
  161. M.S. assistantships are available starting Fall 2019 at East Carolina University.
  162. PhD opening in neuro-mechanical modelling (ERC StG INTERACT) at University of Twente
  163. PhD position KU Leuven Microscopic muscle properties in children with cerebral palsy
  164. Assistant/Associate/Professor, Tenure-track, position
  165. PhD Research Assistantship Available | University of Delaware
  166. Postdoc Position in Clinical Neuroscience and Neuro-Rehabilitation, Cleveland Clinic
  167. Postdoctoral Research Scientist at UIUC
  168. Motion Analysis Laboratory Physical Therapist, Mayo Clinic
  169. PhD assistantship in Rehabilitation Sciences, Drexel University, Philadelphia PA
  170. Two PhD studentships in Comparative Neuromechanics, Royal Veterinary College, UK
  171. M.S. graduate assistantships are available at the University of Wyoming
  172. Postdoc/Intern in Wearable and Soft Robots City University of New York and NIH
  173. PhD Assistantships | Boise State University | Biomedical Engineering
  174. Seeking Performance Scientist - Los Angeles Angels, MLB
  175. Fellowship Opportunity in Rehabilitation Entrepreneurship – Lebanon, NH, USA
  176. Field Sales Representative - Western Canada
  177. R&D Lead, Sports Science at Blast Motion Inc - Carlsbad, CA
  178. Two Post-doctoral positions in Biomechanics at SIAT, CAS
  179. Funded Positions for Biomechanics Master's Degree
  180. Funded summer research positions for undergraduates at East Carolina University
  181. Client Services Manager (MS/Phd in technical field) - Houston, TX, USA
  182. World Rugby-funded PhD; Cardiff University, UK
  183. Assistant/Associate Professor, Tenure-track position - Northern Arizona University
  184. Funded PhD on Artificial Turf Traction (Loughborough University and Labosport UK Ltd)
  185. Product Fit and Wear Internship - Brooks Running, Seattle WA (2 positions available)
  186. Mech. Eng. Faculty opening, Florida Polytechnic University, Lakeland, FL
  187. Post-doc-Adapted exercise for people with spinal cord injury-ICORD, Vancouver Canada
  188. Funded Biomechanics PhDs via H2020 Project - UK & Luxembourg
  189. Assistant Professor, Tenure Track-Westfield State University, Massachusetts
  190. ARRT Peds Mobility Postdoc - Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  191. Funded contract for start researcher (after PHd) in FCt project
  192. Fully funded PhD Studentships in Clinical Biomechanics, Nottingham, UK.
  193. Probationary Tenure Track Faculty Position -- Dalhousie University
  194. Chairperson, Division of Athletic Training, School of Medicine, West Virginia Univ.
  195. Biomechanics Research Scientist, Brooks Running, SEATTLE, WA
  196. Technical Product Executive at Algeos - Biomechanics/Product Management Exp. Required
  197. Assistant Professor, Tenure-Track Position - Gonzaga University
  198. Full-time Research Assistant in Sports Performance Science (Swansea, U.K.)
  199. Research Scientist, Spaulding National Running Center
  200. Postdoctoral position in Human Movement Analysis at Iowa State University
  201. 18-mth Postdoc position in sport science in Rennes, France
  202. Research Assistant - Hospital for Special Surgery - New York, NY
  203. Research Assistant – Imaging Research Dept at SPRI – Vail, CO, USA
  204. Postdoctoral Position - Analysis of Motion with Ultrasound, University of Oxford
  205. Professor - Architectured Biomedical Materials for Tissue Regeneration (Tenure)
  206. Product Wear Test Analyst, Brooks Running, Seattle, WA
  207. Funded PhD studentships in Biomedical Engineering, University of Birmingham (UK)
  208. Potential PhD studentships in Smart Biomedical Materials,University of Birmingham(UK)
  209. Postdoctoral position - dynamic musculoskeletal function in spinal deformity
  210. 2 PhD and 1 software engineer openings in neuro-rehabilitation technologies
  211. PhD position available at The University of Maryland, Baltimore
  212. Lecture Exercise and Sport Studies, Smith College
  213. Kinesiology Laboratory Instructor
  214. MS-Level Teaching Assistantships Available at Texas Tech University
  215. 1 year Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Liverpool John Moores University (UK)
  216. Manager Athlete Services, adidas, Herzogenaurach, Germany
  217. Chair of Excellence Biomedical Engineering-Professor - Memphis, TN - Univ of Memphis
  218. Postdoc Position at UM Ann Arbor
  219. ARCCA is Hiring for a Forensic Biomechanical Engineer Seattle, WA
  220. Associate/Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy, University of Toledo
  221. Postdoc Position at the University of Georgia
  222. PhD project: Intelligent systems in Biomedical Engineering, University of Birmingham
  223. Robotics Software Engineer
  224. Funded Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Ottawa
  225. Houston Astros [Sports/Baseball] - Senior Research Scientist, Research & Development
  226. Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Quantitative Stroke Rehabilitation - New York, NY
  227. Frailty and risk of falling in patients with CKD (PhD bursary)
  228. Research Assistant | Biomotion Lab | Dept. of BME at SPRI | Vail, Colorado, USA
  229. (2) Tech Support Engineer Openings @ Delsys, Inc.– Natick, MA (USA candidates only)
  230. Postdoctoral Research position in traumatic brain injury biomechanics
  231. PhD scholarship at the University of Adelaide
  232. Assistant Professor, Sports & Exercise Science (Sport Mgmt Program) tenure-track
  233. Research Engineer, Injury Biomechanics, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver Canada
  234. Postdoc Position in Gait and Postural Control after Concussion, University of Utah
  235. Visiting Faculty in Biology and Biomedical Engineering 2019-2020, Terre Haute IN
  236. Postdoc Fellowship - INSPIRE Lab, Harvard Medical School & Spaulding Hospital
  237. PhD assistantships available University of Denver Center for Orthopaedic Biomechanics
  238. Post-Doctoral Fellowship , Experimental/Computational Biomechanics, Univ of Denver
  239. PhD Position @ University of Toledo--Biomechanic & Neuromuscular Aspects of LE Injury
  240. PhD studentship
  241. Biomechanical Engineer (PhD Required) - With Work Experience in Injury Biomechanics
  242. Assistant or Associate Professor, Exercise Science - University of Toledo
  243. Research Assistant / Lab Manager - North Chicago, IL
  244. Assistant Professor (tenure-track) in Biomechanics and Artificial Intelligence
  245. Postdoctoral Associate in Kinesiology and Health Science, Utah State University
  246. Post-doc position (3 years), Cologne, Germany
  247. Biomechanical/Biomedical/Mechanical Engineer
  248. Technical Services Manager (PhD) - Houston, TX USA
  249. PhD studentship - University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
  250. Post-doctoral/PhD position at the Chair of Applied Dynamics, FAU, Germany