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  1. Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor in Clinical Exercise Physiology
  2. Lecturer/Senior Lecturer (Personal Development Health & Physical Education)
  3. Associate/Full Professor - Biomechanics
  4. New Balance Sports Research Internship Available - PART TIME
  5. Open Positions - Graduate Research Assistants in Computational Impact Biomechanics
  6. Assistant/Associate Professor of Kinesiology-Athletic Training - UNC Greensboro
  7. Assistant or Associate Professor of Applied (Exercise) Physiology - Teachers College
  8. PhD opportunity - Musculoskeletal injuries in volunteer fire fighters
  9. Biomechanical Engineer III
  10. Post-doctoral Research Fellowship at the University of Illinois at Chicago
  11. RERC Engineering Fellowship
  12. PhD Research Assistantship in Human Factors/Ergonomics/Kinesiology
  13. Research Physical Therapist at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, TX
  14. Postdoctoral Position - Fondazione Santa Lucia, Rome, Italy
  15. 2 PhD positions at Inria Sophia-Antipolis, France
  16. Biomechanics Student Looking for an Internship with Sports Company:Nike, Adidas,etc
  17. Exercise Science Position--Texas Tech University
  18. Research and Development roles - LifeScan Scotland
  19. Post-doc in Mayo Clinic Orthopedic Biomechanics Laboratory
  20. Post-doctoral position in Human Movement Science,Neuroscience, Biomedical Engineering
  21. Research Health Science Specialist Position at Minneapolis VA Health Care System
  22. Post-doc fellowships in Ergonomics & Occupational Safety/Injury/Disability Researh
  23. Postdoctoral Research Diversity Fellowship Program - Rehabilitation Robot Field
  24. Assistant Professor - University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  25. Research Fellowships at Boston University Rehabilitation Sciences doctoral program
  26. Senior Lecturer in Sport Sciences (Anatomy)
  27. Department Head Position: Health & Kinesiology, Purdue University
  28. PhD Positions in Rehabilitation Robotics (UT Austin and Rice University)
  29. Lecturer in Medical Robotics (University of Strathclyde - Bioengineering Unit)
  30. Human Performance Center Manager - UCSF
  31. post-doc position in Brazil
  32. Tenure-track faculty position in Exercise Science at California Lutheran University
  33. Gait Analysis and Biodynamics Laboratory Research Engineer-Univ. of Wisc. Milwaukee
  34. Tenure-track faculty position: Health/ Exercise Science at Colorado State University
  35. PhD Position – FE Models/Peripheral Stent Design – University of Bern, Switzerland
  36. Anatomist/Neuroanatomist - University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  37. PhD Assistantships in Bone Biomedical Engineering
  38. Senior Lecturer in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation at Glasgow Caledonian University
  39. Graduate Study in Movement / Exercise Science at U. Texas Austin
  40. Department Chairperson position in Physical Therapy at East TN State University
  41. Department of Physical Therapy - Assistant/Associate/Full Professor
  42. Department of HPER Assistant Professor of Exercise Science
  43. Department of HPER Assistant Professor of Physical Education - Pedagogy
  44. Department of HPER Instructor/Assistant Professor of Physical Education - Pedagogy
  45. Graduate Study in Kinesiology at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  46. Dean - School of Applied Sciences - University of Mississippi
  47. Tenure-track Faculty at the University of Memphis
  48. Physical Therapy Faculty Position for Assistant or Associate Professor in Exercise Sc
  49. Doctoral Assistantships in Neuromechanics at Oregon State University
  50. Graduate Research Assistantships, University of Michigan
  51. Post-doctoral Fellow/Associate Research Scientist – Integrative Mechanobiology
  52. Assistant professor-physical activity
  53. FDA Post-Doc Researcher to perform testing on total disc replacement devices
  54. Assistant/Associate Professor in Kinesiology - Univ of Wisconsin Oshkosh
  55. Early Stage Researcher in Spine Biomechanics
  56. British Columbia Leadership Research Chair
  57. Graduate Research Assistantship, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  58. Post-Doc in Neuro-Rehabilitation Research
  59. Tenure Track Neurologic Physical Therapy Faculty Postion
  60. Tenure and Non-Tenure Physical Therapy Faculty Positions
  61. MS/PhD Studentships and Graduate Assistantship positions -- Fall 2012
  62. MS Assistantships in Exercise Science at Wake Forest University
  63. Lecturer - Anatomy & Physiology -- University of Massachusetts Amherst
  64. PhD studentship in imaging and modelling of plants
  65. PhD Mathematical and Computational Modelling of Biological Branching Structures
  66. Lecturer – Bio-Inspired Engineering, University of Wollongong, Australia
  67. Post-Doc Position with Warrior Research Center at Auburn University
  68. NEW Clinical and Translational Rehabilitation Science Ph.D. at Marquette University
  69. NEW Clinical and Translational Rehabilitation Science M.S. at Marquette University
  70. Research Assistant
  71. PhD position in biomechanics/bioengineering, Cardiff, UK
  72. Employment Opportunities for Forensic Injury Biomechanical Engineers (PhDs & Masters)
  73. Endowed Professorship-Iowa State University
  74. Research assistant opportunity studying sedentary office ergonomics - biomechanics
  75. Endowed Chair in Human Motion and Control, Cleveland State University
  76. Assistant Professor of Exercise Science - Western Washington University
  77. Director of Human Performance Research Laboratory
  78. Research Fellow - multi-station hip-simulation
  79. Assistant/Associate Professor of Kinesiology - University of Toledo
  80. Graduate Studies in Exercise Fitness and Health Promotion at George Mason University
  81. Lecturer/Senior Lecturer Biomechanics - Liverpool John Moores University
  82. Fully funded PhD opportunity in The University of Auckland
  83. Postdoc: multiscale image based homogenisation
  84. Postdoctoral Fellow in Musculoskeletal Modelling & Simulation
  85. Imaging Scientist (Industry Position)
  86. Post-doctoral Research fellow in musculoskeletal multi-object modeling
  87. PhD student in musculoskeletal multi-object modeling
  88. Faculty Position (Full Professor) in Biomedical Engineering
  89. Full-time Faculty Position Posting - Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  90. 2 PhD Positions - European Marie-Curie Research and Training Network: MultiScaleHuman
  91. PhD Studentships in Bioengineering, Imperial College London
  92. Post-doctoral position in biomechanics in Paris
  93. Post-doctoral research fellow in biomechanics
  94. Lecturer, Senior Lecturer and Professorial positions in Medical Engineering
  95. Professorship in Lightweight design and Biomimetics (W2) in Bocholt, DE
  96. Three Faculty Positions in Biomedical Engineering in Brazil
  97. Postdoctoral Position - Statistical Finite Element Modeling for Refractive Surgery
  98. Research engineer position available at Penn
  99. Graduate Study in Biomechanics / Dynamics at UT Austin
  100. Assistant / associate / full professor athletic training education program
  101. PhD Students at University of Florida -- Laboratory for Rehabilitation Neuroscience
  102. United States Olympic Committee - Sport Technologist II
  103. Prosthetics and Orthotics Faculty Positions - University of Hartford
  104. Faculty Position in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
  105. Facutly Postion in Physical Therapy
  106. NIKE Sport Research Lab (NSRL) Researcher I
  107. PhD student position in Biomechanics in Stockholm
  108. Fully-funded PhD opportunity at The University of Auckland
  109. Funding Opportunities for Neurologic Rehabilitation Research: Pilot Grants
  110. Doctoral Assistantship Positions Available at the University of Kentucky
  111. Research Fellow in Medical Engineering - Anglia Ruskin University
  112. Post-doctoral Fellowship in Bone Mechanics, Henry Ford Hospital Bone & Joint Center
  113. Sports Biomechanics Research/KTP Associate
  114. Associate Researcher Position in Orthopaedics
  115. Ph.D position in Biomechanics at University of Northern Colorado
  116. PhD position, Cardiff University, UK
  117. Doctoral Student Position - UConn Kinesiology
  118. OpenSim and NCSRR Visiting Scholar Program - Stanford University
  119. Tenure Track Faculty Position in Orthopaedics
  120. PhD position on musculoskeletel modeling in knee osteoarthrosis @ KULeuven – Belgium
  121. Post-Doctoral Position - Bone Mechanics & Physiology, University of Colorado, Boulder
  122. PhD Position in Interdisciplinary Mathematics - Modelling of Screw Attachment
  123. Professorship in Bioengineering at the University of Southampton
  124. PhD Studentships in Bioengineering at the University of Southampton
  125. Post-doctoral position in numerical and experimental biomechanics
  126. Sports Medicine Doctoral Research Assistantship - University of Pittsburgh
  127. Neuromechanics - University of British Columbia - Okanagan Campus, Kelowna
  128. Ph.D. Studentship: Lower-limb Biomechanics in Diabetes - Manchester, UK.
  129. Bone and hip fracture - PhD and Post-doctoral positions at UBC in 2012
  130. Tenure-eligible or clinical-track Assistant/Associate Professor position at UB
  131. Labratory instructor, School of Huamn Kinetics and Recreation, Memorial University
  132. PhD position at Uppsala University in multiphysical models of degradable biomaterials
  133. Sports Biomechanics Research Assistant/KTP Associate
  134. Assistant Professor in Athletic Training
  135. Biomechanical Research Engineer at University Hospital Tübingen, Germany
  136. Instructor in Exercise Science
  137. Federal Management Position - Orthopedic Joint Devices Branch Chief
  138. PhD Opportunity in Clinical Gait Analysis with Prof Richard Baker
  139. Lecturer - Senior Lecturer - Nottingham Trent University
  140. Vicon Job Posting: Application Engineer
  141. Postdoctoral Fellowships at University of Southern California
  142. Phd position in musculoskeletal rehabilitation biomechanics@ KULeuven – Belgium
  143. Post Doctoral Researcher - Reverse Engineering Dental Inclines and Surfaces
  144. Assistant Professor- University of Pittsburgh
  145. Ph.D. position in Biomechanics available at University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  146. GR STUDY at UMD Neuromechanics Lab
  147. Vicon Job Posting - Customer Support Engineer
  148. Human Factors Engineering / Engineering Psych Internship, Natick, MA current student
  149. Post-doctoral position - Royal Veterniary College, London
  150. Do you like skiing? Visiting Researcher positions available in Norway.
  151. Research Assistant in Physical Therapy
  152. Tenure-track assistant professor, kinesiology, university of maryland
  153. PhD / postdoc position at K.U.Leuven, Belgium
  154. MSc (Research) Scholarship in Biomechanics and Breast Cancer-Related Lymphoedema
  155. Postdoctoral Fellow in Rehabilitation Robotics, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
  156. Postdoc position: Modeling growth, differentiation and adaptation of biological tissu
  157. Full-time Faculty position in Biomedical engineering at Université Libre de Bruxelles
  158. PhD student position in Visualisation of multi-scale and multi-modal MSD modalities
  159. Program Director - Physical Therapy - University of Minnesota
  160. Postdoctoral Researcher
  161. Post-doc opportunity in orthopedic biomechanics and computational modeling
  162. PhD position in arthritis and biomechanics research (KU Leuven, Belgium)
  163. Associate/Full Professor, Sport and Exercise Science, East Tennessee State University
  164. Assistant Professor, Sport and Exercise Science, East Tennessee State University
  165. Positions at U.S. Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory
  166. PhD position in the cranial biomechanics of African mole-rats
  167. Ph.D. Positions (E 13-0.5) 24 months - biomechanics of ant locomotion, Jena, Germany
  168. University of Illinois, Chicago: Movement Neroscience/Biomechanics position
  169. Assistant / associate / full professor athletic training education program
  170. Research Fellowship in Ergonomics and Safety & Occupational Biomechanics
  171. Biomechanics Faculty Position - Pepperdine University
  172. Senior Postdoctoral Position in Spinal Deformity Biomechanics and Imaging
  173. Biomechanics Graduate Assistantships Available Fall 2012
  174. Associate/Full Professor in Sports Medicine - Boston University
  175. Masters degree in Applied Health Sciences
  176. Subject Leader in Sport Sciences, Brunel University, London, UK
  177. Department chair of biomedical engineering; the university of akron
  178. Announcement of an academic position generalist pt
  179. Vacancy announcement neuropediatric physical therapy doctor of physical therapy prog
  180. Doctoral Teaching Assistant
  181. STUDENTSHIP at Penn State
  182. FT Tenure Track position The University of Scranton
  183. Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering, The University of Akron
  184. Mayo Clinic Faculty Research Position in Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology
  185. Post-doc position in FE modeling/analysis, Purdue University
  186. 3-Year PhD Position
  187. PostDoc Position: Microindentation-Assessment Fracture Risk - University Southampton
  188. Postdoc in Developmental Neuromotor Control: Michigan
  189. Tenure Track Asst/Assoc Professor in Physical Therapy University of New England
  190. PhD Studentship: Model-based registration of pre- and post-surgery brain images
  191. Rehabilitation Research Fellowship at the DC VAMC + National Rehabilitation Hospital
  192. Research Engineer/Technician in orthopaedic research - University of Pennsylvania
  193. Revised Assistant Professor positions in Prosthetics and Orthotics at U. Hartford
  194. Post Doctoral Fellowship Penn State Movement Neuroscience
  195. Fixed term Level B1 lecturer in Biomechanics at Southern Cross University, Australia
  196. Post-Doctoral Fellowship McMaster Occupational Biomechanics Laboratory
  197. PhD Opportunity in McMaster Occupational Biomechanics Laboratory
  198. Postdoc Position at the Foundation for Orthopaedic Research & Education (Tampa, FL)
  199. Calgary MA and PhD position in Chondrocyte Mechanobiology and OA
  200. Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Movement Analysis, Anglia Ruskin University, UK
  201. Research engineer at Duke University Medical Center
  202. Physical Therapy Division Director
  203. TEMPLE UNIVERSITY: CHAIR PERSON, Department of Kinesiology
  204. Post-doctoral Fellow Position in Neuro-Rehabilitation in Houston, TX
  205. Post-doctoral Fellow Position in Neuro-Rehabilitation in Houston, TX
  206. Reader in Sport Science: University of Lincoln UK
  207. PhD position movement analysis & sports biomechanics, ETH Zurich
  208. Experienced R&D Footwear Project Engineer - W.L. Gore & Associates GmbH (Germany)
  209. Research Scientist at the Univ of Virginia Center for Applied Biomechanics
  210. Lab Engineer - Spaulding National Running Center, Harvard Medical School
  211. Physical Therapy Faculty Position-Saint Louis University
  212. Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Faculty Position
  213. PhD Study in Applied Physiology/Biomechanics at Southern Methodist University
  214. Research Fellowship Competition at York
  215. Medical Device Research Specialist
  216. Reminder of PhD opportunity in Clinical Gait Analysis at the University of Salford
  217. PhD student position User interaction with multi-scale and multi-modal MSD modalities
  218. Two Doctoral Student Assistantships in Prosthetics, School of Kinesiology, Michigan
  219. Assistant Professor Position in Biomechanics at University of West FL
  220. Assistant/Associate Professor in Neuromechanics of Posture at Northwestern University
  221. Assistant Professor in Neurorehabilitation at Northwestern University
  222. Academic Associate in Performance Analysis and Sport Science
  223. Ph.D and Teaching Position - Nottingham Trent University
  224. PhD Position in Musculoskeletal Biomechanics – Julius Wolff Institute, Berlin
  225. PhD Scholarship: Human Motor Control Lab, University of Tasmania, Australia.
  226. Sport Wales & Cardiff Metropolitan University (PhD Studentship): Sport Biomechanics -
  227. Ph.D. research assistantship starting in the fall of 2012 at East Carolina University
  228. Lead Researcher – Computational Biomechanics -- The JHU Applied Physics Laboratory
  229. Lead Researcher – Experimental Biomechanics -- JHU Applied Physics Laboratory
  230. Biomechanical Engineer -- The JHU Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU APL)
  231. Graduate Assistantships at the University of Memphis
  232. Assistant Professor in Physical Therapy at University of Evansville
  233. PhD position, Cardiff University, UK: Adhesion between biomedical materials
  234. PhD position in Cardiff University, UK: Interaction of cells with wear particles
  235. Biomechanics Research Intern - Steadman Philippon Research Institute
  236. BioMotion Research Intern - Steadman Philippon Research Institute
  237. Post-doc Position in Clinical Neurosciences/Gerontechnology and Rehabilitation
  238. Chair of Excellence (II) in the Biomedical Engineering Department
  239. Post-doctoral position in Human Movement Science,Neuroscience, Biomedical Engineering
  240. Post-doctoral position in Human Movement Science,Neuroscience, Biomedical Engineering
  241. Faculty Position Elon University
  242. Laboratory Research Analyst Duke University
  243. Research Assistant Position - Seattle, WA
  244. Senior Biomechanics Researcher
  245. PhD opportunity in orthopaedics sports medicine and biomechanics in Hong Kong
  246. Physical Therapist - Clinician Scientist
  247. NSRL Researcher I
  248. R&D Engineer in Finite Element Biomechanical modelling
  249. Forensic Biomechanics Intern - Sunnyvale, CA
  250. Two Lecturer positions in Exercise Science-University of Kentucky