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  1. Senior Biomechanics Researcher at Nike!
  2. Visiting Scholars at Stanford (National Center for Simulation in Rehabilitation)
  3. Applied Biomechanist, Lab & Testing Services at Fortius Sport & Health
  4. Post Doctoral Research Fellow
  5. Manager, Clinical Research Core, BADER Consortium
  6. Faculty position in tissue mechanics, Mines-Saint-Etienne, France
  7. PhD Position in Neuro-Rehabilitation focusing on Gait Assessment, Volketswil, CH
  8. MS/PhD Studentships and Graduate Assistantship positions Fall 2013
  9. Motion Analysis Lab PT Position, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, USA
  10. Post-doctoral position in Clinical Biomechanics at Boston University, Boston, MA, USA
  11. Footwear PhD scholarship - Salford University, UK
  12. Doctoral Engineering RA Position in Computational FEA and Rigid Body Modeling
  13. Seeking Research Faculty in Bioengineering Engineering: Musculoskeletal Biomechanics
  14. Lecturer in Bioengineering, UCD School of Mechanical & Materials Engineering
  15. MS Graduate Assistantship at Georgia Southern University
  16. Project Manager - Injury Prevention Research Lab - Washington DC
  17. Research Engineering / PhD position in walking robotics integration
  18. PhD Positions in Biomechanics and Motor Control: Utah State University, Logan, Utah
  19. Kinesiology faculty position at Texas Woman's University
  20. Occupational Therapy Dept, Asst/Assoc Professor, Governors State University, IL
  21. PhD position Implant Biomechanics (Berlin, Germany)
  22. Assist/Assoc Professor Position Available at East Tennessee State University, TN USA
  23. Imaging Laboratory Coordinator at The University of Delaware
  24. Applied Biomechanist, Lab & Testing Services, Burnaby, BC, Canada
  25. Two tenure track positions at The University of Akron
  26. Assistant Professor Position Available at East Tennessee State University, TN USA
  27. Research Faculty position - Motor Control/Biomechanics - Houston
  28. Biomedical Engineer, Computational Modeling, Winston-Salem, NC
  29. Neurorehabilitation Ph.D. position at MUSC (Charleston, SC, USA)
  30. Request for Pilot Grant Proposals for 6 Areas of O&P
  31. Assistant/Associate Professor, ECU Department of Physical Therapy, Greenville, NC
  32. Research Scientist (Ctr for Appl Biomech, Univ of Viriginia, Charlottesville, USA)
  33. Research Associate
  34. Research Assistant (Ctr for Appl Biomech, Univ of Virignia, Charlottesville, VA, USA)
  35. Research Assistant Duke University (K-Lab) Durham, NC
  36. BADER Consortium - Limited Term Researcher - Naval Medical Center San Diego
  37. Assistant Professor Biology/Sportsmedicine, Biomechanics Graduate Program Development
  38. Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship in Translational Neurorehabilitation
  39. Postdoctoral position in Biomechanics and musculoskeletal modeling at Aix Marseille U
  40. PhD in Muscle Physiology & Neuromechanics using Optogenetics -- RVC, London, UK
  41. Robotic Testing & FEA Engineer - Massachusetts General Hospital
  42. Assistant Professor, Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Calgary, Canada
  43. Senior Research Scientist at the University of Akron
  44. PhD Teaching Assistantship at the University of Kentucky
  45. Post-doctoral position in muscle physiology and computational modeling
  46. Orthopaedic Biomechanics Faculty Position, The University of Minnesota PT Program
  47. Ph.D. Teaching Assistantships in Biomechanics at Texas Woman's University
  48. Re-Posting of University of Delaware Imaging Coordinator
  49. PhD position (RA) in Biomedical Engineering, University of Kentucky
  50. Academic opportunity - Physiotherapy - University of Sydney
  51. Lecturer - Biophysical Foundations - University of Queensland
  52. MARC Lab Director Position, Samuel Merritt University
  53. Cognitive Neuroscience Research Assistant / Lab Manager Position
  54. Visiting Professor / Instructor - Human Anatomy, Physiology & Ex. Physiology
  55. PhD Assistanship in Bone and Exercise, Griffith U, Gold Coast, Australia
  56. SR SPORT RESEARCHER - Athlete Performance Insight - NSRL at Nike
  57. Product Specialist Movement Science & Animation at Xsens, Los Angeles, CA, USA
  58. Biomechanics Lecturer, Department of Human Physiology, Gonzaga University
  59. Doctoral Research Studentship at Middlesex University
  60. PhD Studentship in Developmental Biomechanics, Imperial College London (UK)
  61. Applied Statistics Visiting Professor position at Willamette University, Salem, OR
  62. Open Lab Manager Position - Vienna University of Technology
  63. Advanced Concepts Developer – Footcare, Insoles and Orthotics, Memphis, TN
  64. Post-doctoral position in Motor Control and Biomechanics
  65. Postdoc Research Associate-Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine
  66. Postdoc position in human movement science, motor control, biomechanics, neuros
  67. PhD Scholarship, Wollongong, Australia: Pressure and lymphoedema
  68. PhD Scholarship, Wollongong, Australia: Foot pain in mining
  69. Lecturer/Senior Lecturer - Biomechanics, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia
  70. PhD position at the University of Uppsala
  71. Lecturer in Biomechanics/Mechanics at Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (UCBL, France)
  72. PostDoc and PhD positions on Modeling and Optimization of Motions in MOBOT project
  73. Research Assistant - Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
  74. Faculty Position in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Stony Brook University
  75. Imaging R&D Engineer, Halifax Biomedical Inc, Mabou, NS, Canada
  76. Post-doc position on Frailty at the University of Technology of Troyes, France
  77. PhD Studentship Manchester Metropolitan University
  78. Funded Ph.D. Position – Tissue Mechanics - Boise State University
  79. Engineer (General) for Motion Lab - National Institutes of Health
  80. Clinical Research Specialist at The Ohio State University
  81. Job Position: Assistant/Associate Professor at Universidad de Los Andes (Colombia)
  82. Biomedical Engineering Faculty - Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
  83. Laboratory/Research Specialist-PM&R Gait Lab-University of Virginia
  84. Research Assistant - Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute, Philadelphia, PA
  85. Human simulation position at Honda Research Institute USA
  86. Research Assistant - OpenSim Project at Stanford University
  87. Head of Movement Science - Australian Institute of Sport - Canberra, Australia
  88. 2 PhD positions at the Robotics Biomechanics Sports and Health Lab; Poitiers, France
  89. Postdoctoral Position at The University of Michigan
  90. Postdoctoral Research Associate in Sensorimotor Control at the University of Colorado
  91. Post-doc in computational biomechanics - INSIGNEO
  92. Lecturer in Exercise Science, Kinesiology, Biomechanics The University of Iowa
  93. PhD Studentship – Glasgow Caledonian University
  94. Full Time and Part Time Sales Engineers (N. American Territory)
  95. PhD in Movement Neuroscience Lab at Penn State University
  96. Post-doctoral Position at Arts et Métiers ParisTech; Paris, FRANCE (2 years)
  97. PhD Assistantship in Biomechanics at University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  98. PhD studentships at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, UK
  99. Two postdocs in muscle physiology and mechanics
  100. PhD Scholarship, Biomechanics of Torso Load Sharing Systems, Griffith University,
  101. Postdoctoral Research in Neuromechanics of Fish Locomotion at Tufts University
  102. MSc Studentship Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
  103. PhD Position: Modeling of Functional Guidance using Neuro-monitoring
  104. Merck Consumer Care is hiring Biomechanics professional (Memphis, TN)
  105. Postdoc position in clinical biomechanics, human locomotion
  106. Multiple positions open at the INSIGNEO Institute, Sheffield UK
  107. PhD Student Position: Patient-Specific FE Model of Scoliosis
  108. Sports Research Engineer position within the New Balance Sports Research Laboratory
  109. Assistant professor of clinical physical therapy-anatomy
  110. PhD positions in Blast Injury Studies at Imperial College London
  111. Two Post-Doctoral Research Fellow positions, University of Leeds, UK
  112. Biomechanical Engineer at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, MD
  113. Sports Biomechanics Internship Positions at Motus Global (Bradenton, FL)
  114. FDA post-doc researcher for total disc replacement devices
  115. PhD position in Activity Monitoring in Type-2 Diabetes at the Unversity of Sheffield
  116. Lab Engineer - Human Adaptation Lab, Boston University, Boston, MA, USA
  117. 2 PhD Positions – Vienna University of Technology
  118. PhD Student in Biomechanical Engineering (ISTB-University of Bern)
  119. Research Asst. – Lab Imaging and Ortho Biomechanics, Washington Univ. St. Louis
  120. Ph D position, University Champollion, Albi, France
  121. Post-doc in CATCHING & VISION
  122. Post-doctoral position : high level cycling monitoring (Rennes, FRANCE)
  123. Gait Lab Engineer, Shriners Gait Lab, Vancouver, British Columbia
  124. Unique Ph.D. Assistantship Position: University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA
  125. Full-time term instructional faculty athletic training education program position
  126. PhD Studentship in Biomechanics: Brunel University, London UK
  127. Post-doc Position: Bone Biomechanics, Northeastern University, Boston
  128. Post-Doctoral Research Assistant Position in Boston at Northeastern University
  129. Clinical Assistant Professor in Exercise Science and Health
  130. Postdoctoral Research Associate, Nebraska Athletic Performance Lab, Lincoln, NE, USA
  131. Stryker - Research Engineer, Mahwah, NJ USA
  132. Assistant/Associate Professor - Biomechanics/Anatomy, Central Washington University
  134. Summer Internship Working with OpenSim Team through Google Summer of Code program
  135. MSc Studentship Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
  136. PhD Studentship in Cardiovascular Mechanics, Grenoble , France
  137. Post-doctoral position in muscle-tendon biomechanics, Nantes, France
  138. Research Associate in Locomotor Simulation, University of Manchester, UK
  139. Research Technician, University of Manchester, UK
  140. Post-doctoral position in cartilage biomechanics, Genova, Italy
  141. Postdoctoral Researcher, Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital, Lincoln, NE, USA
  142. Motion capture product specialist
  143. Research Health Science Specialist at VA Puget Sound
  144. PhD Studentship in Biomechanics at University of Technology of Compiègne, France
  145. Postdoc Exercise Science & Nutrition Nebraska Athletic Performance Lab, Lincoln, NE
  146. Post-doc in Computational Biomechanics: UVa Center for Applied Biomechanics
  147. Ph.D./Master’s positions in Neuromechanics, University of Alberta (Edmonton, Canada)
  148. PhD Scholarship, Biomechanics of Torso Load Sharing Systems, Griffith University/DSTO
  149. Research Assistant- Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute, Philadelphia, PA
  150. One Year Postdoctoral position "Aneurysm of Abdominal Aorta" in Grenoble, fall 2013
  151. Spine Biomechanics Post-Doctoral Position Available at FDA/CDRH
  152. Research Engineer – Rehabilitation Robotics – Northwestern University
  153. Motor Control and Biomechanics: Invitation to Apply for A PhD Program
  154. Research Fellow - Design of advanced artificial limbs (University of Salford)
  155. Senior Research Associate in Biomechanics, University of Portsmouth, UK
  156. Director, Orthopaedic Research Center - Cleveland Clinic - Cleveland, Ohio
  157. Ph.D. at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, UK
  158. Post-Doctoral Position in the VEPO lab at Temple University
  159. Sales Executive Movement Science
  160. Postdoctoral Researcher in Orthopaedics at Penn State College of Medicine, Hershey PA
  161. PhD position, Muscle coordination, University of Nantes, France
  162. Research Intern
  163. PhD position: Cancellous bone biomechanics
  164. Post-doctoral Research Fellow in bone micromechanics, The University of Edinburgh, UK
  165. Director, Research Department - National Institute for Sports, Paris, France
  166. Motion Lab Engineer - Children's Hospital Los Angeles
  167. Senior Lecturer/Lecturer in Sports Biomechanics (Uni of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand)
  168. Research Assistant: Diabetic Foot Pressures, Manchester, UK
  169. Post-doctoral position at Hospital for Special Surgery
  170. Ph D Position at the Faculty of Sport Sciences (Nice, France)
  171. Application Engineer position with Vicon Motion Systems, Inc. Denver, CO
  172. Director, Orthopaedic Research Center, Cleveland Clinic
  173. Post-Doc position at University of Rouen (France)
  174. PhD position, Youth Rugby Injury Prevention, University of Bath, UK
  175. Technician Instructor Sports Science
  176. PhD Studentship: link between vision & elite sports [University of Bradford, UK)
  177. PhD Position – Assistant/Associate Professor of Physical Therapy – Anatomy and Biomec
  178. Biostatistician at the Wyss Institute, Boston, MA
  179. PhD position - University of Geneva - machine learning and pathological gait
  180. PhD studentship: Stent fracture (University of Hull, UK)
  181. Assistant/Associate Professor in Orthopedic/Rehabilitation Biomechanics
  182. PhD Position - Musculoskeletal Modelling and Simulation of Upper‐limb Biomechanics
  183. Post-doc position: Hand biomechanics (2 years) at UTC, France
  184. BIOMECHANICAL ENGINEER - Orthopeutics, Lexington, Kentucky
  185. PhD position in human movement analysis at the University of Sheffield
  186. Head of the Department of Biomedical Engineering - Florida Institute of Technology
  187. Clinical Biomechanist - Sanford Health; Sioux Falls, SD, USA
  188. Fully Funded PhD Studentship in Tracking Technologies in Music: Uni. Southampton, UK
  189. Research Physical Therapist - Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO
  190. PhD student position - Biomechanical modeling - University of Oulu, Finland
  191. Research Associate (Post-Doctoral) in Bone Biomechanics and Mechanotransduc
  192. Non-Clinical MRes/PhD Studentships in Musculoskeletal Ageing - U Sheffield, UK
  193. Full Professorship Biomechanics, Human Locomotion and Loading (Former Bergmann Chair)
  194. PhD studentship: Modelling human skull growth (University of Hull, UK)
  195. Motion Capture Lab Manager - Wyss Institute, Boston, MA
  196. PhD Studentship: Gait analyses and musculoskeletal modelling, University of Hull, UK
  197. Lecturer - Biophysical Foundations - University of Queensland
  198. Assistant Professor - Human Motor Neuroscience (University of Maryland)
  199. Postdoctoral Position - Computational Spine Biomechanics (Kyung Hee Univ., Korea)
  200. Internships: Musculoskeletal modeling, Tissue Mechanis (Dassault Systèmes,Providence)
  201. PhD Studentship: Biomechanics of Sprint Running, Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK
  202. PhD studentship: Co-funded by McLaren Applied Technologies and London South Bank Uni
  203. Three Post-Doc positions at the INSIGNEO Institute, University of Sheffield
  204. MSc and PhD Scholarships - Curtin University
  205. Research Engineering Position in Seattle, WA
  206. Perception-Action Movement Science - PhD position at Aix-Marseille University, France
  207. Postdoc Biomech & Movement Analysis, Nebraska Athletic Performance Lab, Lincoln NE
  208. Canada Reasearch Chair in Biomechanics or Biomaterials, Queen's University Kingston
  209. University of Antwerp (Belgium): PhD Student in Functional Morphology/ Horse Biomech
  210. PhD position in rehabilitation robotics, Washington DC
  211. University of California, San Francisco - Postdoc in biomechanics & MSK imaging
  212. NIH Funded Post-Doctoral Fellowship – UT Austin / Brook Army Medical Center
  213. Research Intership/Master Thesis in Biomechanics, Berlin
  214. PDRA and PhD in Healthcare sensors, University of Reading, UK
  215. Postdoctoral research fellow position in biomechanics, anglia ruskin university, uk
  216. POST-DOCTORAL FELLOW, BIOMECHANICS, HPL, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  217. PhD degree position "Locomotion of Gallus gallus domesticus" Animal Welfare Research
  218. Tenure-track faculty positions - dpt program, san diego state university
  219. Lab Manager Position at UNB in Fredericton, NB, Canada
  220. Postdoctoral Fellowship in Cognitive (Neuro)Science and (Neuro)rehabilitation
  221. Fully-funded MSc opportunity in biomechanics/biomaterials, Halifax, Canada
  222. RESEARCH ASSOCIATE –Orthopaedic Biomechanics
  223. Research Fellow in Musculoskeletal Motion Analysis, Leeds, UK
  224. Texas Faculty Opening
  225. Job vacancy: Professor of Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Sydney
  226. PhD studentship accelerometry based player load monitoring
  227. Kinesiology Dept Chair- Cal State East Bay- Hayward CA
  228. University of South Wales KESS MRes Studentship
  229. Two post doc positions in Movement Sciences at University Montpellier 1 (France)
  230. Researcher: Early detection system for prevention of diabetic foot ulceration
  231. Micro Indentation of Neural Tissue: PhD Position Vacant, UCD, Dublin
  232. Exercise Sciences Faculty Position, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT, USA
  233. Staff Scientist - National Institutes of Health
  234. Sports Internship Positions at Motus Global (Bradenton, FL)
  235. Postdoctoral Position in Computer Graphics/Computational Biomechanics, UTC, France
  236. CIMA Non-Clinical MRes/PhD Studentship in Image Analysis of Musculoskeletal Ageing
  237. Postdoctoral/PhD positions at Toronto Rehab in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  238. PhD Studentship at The Ohio State University, Sports Health and Performance Institute
  239. DPhil/PhD Studentship in musculoskeletal modelling, University of Oxford, UK
  240. Research Assistant in Biomechanics x 2 posts
  241. Faculty Position in Biomechanical Engineering Queen's University Canada
  242. Post-doctoral position at rehabilitation institute of chicago/northwestern univerity
  243. Application Engineer (CAD, FEA, CFD)
  244. PhD Studentship, National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG)
  245. Postdoc Position Available at Vanderbilt: Medical Robotics/Image Guided Surgery
  246. Postdoctoral Research Officer (Spine Injury Mechanics), University of Bath, UK
  247. PhD position - Multiscale computational cell biomechanics
  248. Biomechanics Sales Engineer
  249. Research Analyst, Nebraska Athletic Performance Lab, Lincoln, NE
  250. Faculty Position in Bioengineering, Shinshu University, Japan