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  1. Post-doctoral Fellow Position in Stroke Rehabilitation in Houston, TX
  2. Computational biomechanics position at UVa Center for Applied Biomechanics
  3. Injury biomechanics position at UVa Center for Applied Biomechanics
  4. Post Doc Position in Image Based Computational Fluid Dynamics @ ETH Zurich
  5. Intern Positions in Musculoskeletal and Tissue Mechanics
  6. Faculty position in the Applied Exercise Science program in Azusa, CA
  7. Biomechanical Research Engineer position - ICM Brain & Spine Institute Paris, France
  8. Tenure Track Position in Biomedical Engineering, Gannon University, Erie, PA
  9. Research Technician Job Opening with the Running Injury Clinic
  10. PhD position in Australia: Impact of BoNT-A on muscle in children with cerebral palsy
  11. PhD studentship (London, UK) bone fatigue repair as bioinspiration for architecture
  12. Tenure-track Assist Prof in Biomechanics @ Scholl Col of Podiatric Med @ N Chicago
  13. Studentship in Motor Control Penn State
  14. Assistant Prof position, Biomechanics, @ Université Lyon 1 - LBMC, FRANCE
  15. Post-doc position - Rehab Robotics @ Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
  16. PhD assistantships available University of Denver Center for Orthopaedic Biomechanics
  17. Postdoctoral Researcher in Wearable Robotics at Harvard Biodesign Lab
  18. Postdoc in Musculoskeletal Imaging and Biomechanics at UC San Francisco
  19. PhD studentships on vertebral bone biomechanics - two projects
  20. Job opening at the Institute of Movement and Sport Gerontology - Cologne, Germany
  21. Physical Therapy, Program Director, Central Michigan University, Mt Pleasant, MI
  22. Graduate Research Opportunity at UMass Amherst
  23. Post-doctoral research fellow - Amputee Gait - University of Salford
  24. Grant opportunity in Brazil
  25. Full-time One-Year Faculty Appointment in Biomechanics - Pepperdine University
  26. Australian Institute of Sport - Expressions of Iinterest
  27. Postdoc - Neurimaging in Postural control of gait and balance in Multiple Sclerosis
  28. Faculty position opening in Robotics - Arizona State University
  29. Postdoc Position in Biomechanics Modeling of lower limb. Grenoble University UJF (Fra
  30. Full-Time Biomechanist/Research Coordinator; Shriners Hospitals for Children-Erie PA
  31. immediate post-doc position on computational mechanobiology in Amsterdam, Netherlands
  32. MS and PhD Assistantships in Ergonomics and Occupational Injury Prevention
  33. Postdoctoral Fellow in Musculoskeletal Biomechanics: University of Missouri
  34. Postdoctoral Fellowship - Technologies to support family caregivers (Toronto, Canada)
  35. UCSF Human Performance Center Lab Manager; Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
  36. Biomedical Engineering Faculty - Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
  37. Instructor/Lab Manager: Winston Salem State University, Winston-Salem, NC
  38. PhD Scholarship Positions, Computational Neuromusculoskeletal Modelling, Griffith Uni
  39. M.Sc. Research Assistantship in Biomechanics/Bioengineering, University of Calgary
  40. Orthopaedic Biomechanics Faculty Position - Physical Therapy Program, U of Minnesota
  41. Lecturer Position - The University of Auckland
  42. Post-doc positions in Biomedical Engineering-- NC State University, NC
  43. PhD Teaching Assistantship at the University of Kentucky
  44. Post-doctoral position in Musculoskeletal Modeling – Case Western Reserve University.
  45. Research Assistant in Bioimaging/Biomechanics at ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  46. Postdoctoral Positions in Myoelectric Processing & Control, UTHealth at Houston, TX
  47. Tenure-track Faculty in Physical Therapy @ Rosalind Franklin University @ N Chicago
  48. PhD studentship (Liverpool, UK): Muscle and Gait mechanics in cerebral palsy
  49. PhD Scholarships in University of Limerick Ireland
  50. Post-Doc Positions at University of New Brunswick (Fredericton) in Exoskeleton Biomec
  51. Sports Internship Positions at Motus Global (Bradenton, FL)
  52. Tenure-Track Assistant Professor Biomechanics @ Central Washington University
  53. Ergonomics Specialist, GeorgiaTech/CSX HumanPerformanceLab, Atlanta, GA, USA
  54. Research Assistant Position, Philadelphia, PA.
  55. Fully funded PhD Studentship. Appropriately complex biomechanical models of running
  56. Tenure-track assistant professor - Biophysics / Biomedical Physics
  57. Fully funded PhD Studentship - Knee Biomechanics and Injury
  58. Consulting Opportunity: Sports Biostatistics
  59. PhD: Design & Development of New Ligament & Tendon Implants - Manchester, UK
  60. Faculty Positions are Available at Shenzhen University, China
  61. Two fully-funded PhD studentships in rehabilitation device design and evaluation
  62. Graduate Student and Postdoc Positions - Simon Fraser University, Canada
  63. Post-doctoral position:
  64. Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Pediatric Mobility Rehabilitation
  65. Postdoctoral Fellow in Robotics/Biomechanics at the VA Hospital, Seattle, WA, USA
  66. Faculty Position at the Medical University of South Carolina
  67. Health Economics of Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation PhD Studentship, GCU, Glasgow UK
  68. Clinical Research Scientist
  69. Assistant Professor in Exercise Physiology at UCSF Department of Physical Therapy
  70. Cunningham Trust PhD Studentship Award Opportunity, GCU, Glasgow UK
  71. Orthopaedic Test Engineer | Portland, Oregon
  72. PhD Assistantship in Rehabilitation Sciences, Drexel University
  73. PhD Assistantship - Virtual Environment for Assessment and Rehabilitation Lab - UNCG
  74. Postdoc in Musculoskeletal Biomechanics and Imaging at Purdue University
  75. Postdoctoral position in stroke rehabilitation in Houston, TX
  76. Student Looking for Advice
  77. Summer research positions for undergraduates at East Carolina University
  78. Research Assistant/Associate – Musculoskeletal Model Software Development
  79. PhD: Multiscale mechanical behavior of aortic aneurysms
  80. HHMI-funded Post-doc available: Bioengineering and Gene-delivery Inbox, Berkeley, CA
  81. Post-Doctoral Position - National Institutes of Health
  82. Postdoctoral Scholar in Upper Extremity Biomechanics - UC Davis
  83. Postdoctoral Research Fellow: Biomechanics of the Hip and Knee (Houston, TX)
  84. Postdoctoral Research Fellow: Tribo-Corrosion of Total Joint Replacements
  85. Postdoctoral Research Fellow Position in Musculoskeletal Biomechanics/ Tissue Eng.
  86. PhD - Using 3D printing and biomechanics to enhance CPR; Cardiff University, UK
  87. Occupational Therapy Faculty Position at the Medical University of South Carolina
  88. PhD Research Studentship on ankle ligamentous sprain injury. Loughborough University
  89. PhD Studentship on bone imaging & biomechanics. University of Calgary, Canada
  90. Postdoctoral Position in Nucleus Biomechanics and Mechanobiology at Purdue University
  91. Research Assistant positions at the Center for the Intrepid, San Antonio, TX
  92. Reseach Technician post at Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
  93. Post-Doctoral Fellowships in Translational Neuroscience and Neurorehabilitation
  94. PhD Studentship on modelling footwear biomechanics. London South Bank University, UK
  95. Assistant/Associate Professor in Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy, NU, Chicago, IL
  96. Centenary Professor in Sport Medicine, University of Canberra/AIS, Canberra,Australia
  97. Postdoctoral/PhD positions
  98. Postdoc Position in Neuromechanics and Optogenetics at Temple University
  99. Research Engineer - Wake Forest University School of Medicine - Winston-Salem, NC
  100. Post-doctoral Concussion Research Fellow - Pittsburgh, PA
  101. PhD studentship in bone remodelling and bioinspiration (London, UK)
  102. Assistant Professor in Neuroscience, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada
  103. Forensic Biomechanics - Denver, CO
  104. Full Time Temporary Faculty Position at Truman State University
  105. Biomechanical Engineer - Las Vegas, NV and Indianapolis, IN
  106. PhD Studentship in Frog Evolutionary Biomechanics, Royal Veterinary College, London
  107. University of Virginia SPEED Clinic Biomechanical Engineer - Charlottesville, VA
  108. Lecturer /Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science
  109. Available: Research position in movement science and rehabilitation
  110. PhD Project: Novel wear models for hip replacements
  111. PhD Project: In vivo biocompatibility of silicon nitride coatings for hip replacement
  112. PhD studentship: Investigation of Risk Factors for Injury in Rugby Union Players
  113. Available: Biomechanics Research Positions NSRDEC
  114. PhD Studentship in Cardiovascular Biomechanics, University of Calgary, Canada
  115. Post-doc in Balance modeling, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands
  116. Rehabilitation Research Fellowship at the DC VAMC & National Rehabilitation Hospital
  117. Post Doctoral Fellowship in Clinical Biomechanics at the University of Kentucky
  118. Lecturer in Exercise Science
  119. Available: Post-Doc Position, Human Movement Simulation
  120. TA position for MS degree seeking student
  121. Biomechanical exercise simulation postdoctoral fellowship
  122. BADER Consortium - Biomechanics Laboratory Coordinator (San Diego, CA)
  123. Post Doc Position in Human Body Dynamics
  124. Department Head Position, Montana State University
  125. Research Scientist, CHOP’s Center for Injury Research Prevention (Philadelphia, USA)
  126. Postdoc in development of a System for Bone Health Maintenance in SCI Model &Control
  127. Postdoc, C-arm fluoroscopy and navigated orthopaedic surgery, UBC, Vancouver, Canada
  128. Faculty Position Health and Exercise Science, Regis University, Denver Colorado
  129. Sports Research Analyst II in New Balance Sports Research Laboratory
  130. Assistant Professor of Biomechanics at THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE at Knoxville
  131. Postdoc Position, Cardiovascular Fluid Mech Lab, Georgia Tech
  132. Postdoc in Biomedical Imaging - University of California, San Francisco
  133. Motion Analysis Lab Physical Therapist - Shriners Hospitals for Children, Spokane, WA
  134. Two Jobs at Medical School
  135. Motion Capture Lab Technician – Motus Global
  136. Sports Biomechanist – Motus Global
  137. Ph.D. Candidate - Research Assistant in Sports Biomechanics
  138. Staff Research Associate II, UCSF Dept. of Radiology, San Francisco, CA
  139. Postdoctoral Researcherin Clinical Biomechanics Harvard
  140. motion capture lab paid internship at harvard
  141. Research Assistant at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
  142. Graduate student for computational simulation of human body dynamics, Temple U.
  143. Postdoctoral Position - Movement Disorders Laboratory at the University of Minnesota
  144. PhD Studentship - Movement variability and shot variability during the golf swing
  145. Postdoctoral Research Position in Cadaveric Mechanical Testing
  146. postdoc fellow position in stroke rehabilitation in Houston, Texas,
  147. PhD Studentship in Adult Spine Biomechanics, QUT/Mater Hospitals, Brisbane, Australia
  148. Postdoctoral Fellow in Biomechanics/Robotics at the VA Hospital, Seattle, WA, USA
  149. Motion Analysis Lab Physical Therapist - Shriners Hospitals for Children
  150. Postdoc position in EEG analysis-NCSU/UNC Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering
  151. Xsens is looking for a Senior Business Development Manager – Human Motion Measurement
  152. Postdoctoral researcher in neuromechanics of locomotion at Tufts University
  153. Research Associate - Computation - University of Virginia, Charlottesville, USA
  154. Lecturer Position (part time), Human Performance and Training in Sports, Munster, GER
  155. Research Engineer - Wake Forest University School of Medicine - Winston-Salem, NC
  156. Graduate Studies in Biomechanics (Beginning Fall 2014)
  157. Ph.D. Studentship in energetics and mechanics of human locomotion, UNIL Lausanne CH
  158. Assistant Professor Position, Department of Kinesiology, Mississippi State University
  159. Ph.D. Position in the role of exercise in problem solving and creativity, UNS Nice FR
  160. Ph.D. Position: "Fatigue in people living with HIV" - UNS Nice FR
  161. Various Academic Positions, University of Bath, UK
  162. Research Internship/Lecturer (Southern California, USA)
  163. Physical Therapy Department Faculty Position - University of Evansville
  164. Research Assistant, Traumatic Brain Injury Biomechanics, Evanston IL
  165. Research physical therapist, phd
  166. Career Development Awards (K12) in Movement and Rehabilitation Sciences
  167. PhD Position in Mechanics of Bio-inspired Materials
  168. Lead, Biomechanics & Performance Analysis, Canadian Sport Institute Ontario
  169. Research Assistant - Hospital for Special Surgery - New York, NY
  170. Assistant / Associate Professor in Biomechanics, University of Bath, UK
  171. Graduate Student Position in Low Back Pain Research
  172. Part time lecturer position (approximately ¾ time), Hayward, CA
  173. Ph.D./Master’s positions in Neuromechanics, University of Alberta (Edmonton, Canada)
  174. Poste de professeur en biomécanique avec spécialisation en activité physique adaptée
  175. PHD studentship at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh
  176. Regular, limited-term faculty position for the 2014-2015 Academic Year
  177. Lecturer Position (Biomechanics/Athletic Training) Georgia Southern University
  178. PhD Student Position in Rehab Sciences, University of Colorado Denver (Aurora, CO)
  179. Post-doc : Caractérisation des relations « force-vitesse » , Le Mans, France
  180. 2 Visiting Professor (Exercise Science) Positions, Grand Valley State University, MI
  181. Analysis & Classification of Sport Specific Data (Erlangen, Germany)
  182. PhD assistantship in Rehabilitation Sciences, Drexel University, Philadelphia PA
  183. Individualized and Sensor-based Mobility Impairment Analysis (Erlangen, Germany)
  184. PhD Position in Humanoid Robotic and Biomechanics at LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse (France)
  185. PhD position – Low back pain, neuroscience and biomechanics - Grenoble/Geneva
  186. Biomechanics Lecturer - East Carolina University
  187. Simpleware: Regional Technical Sales Manager USA
  188. Research Associate II - BADER Consortium
  189. PhD Positions in Biorobotics - Italy
  190. Post doc position in Florianopolis (Brazil)
  191. Rehab Robotics Post-doc at NIH
  192. Postdoctoral Research Associate - University of Virginia, Charlottesville (USA)
  193. Postdoctoral Research Position in Biomechanics of Voice Production
  194. Non Tenure Track Lecturer Position Biological Sciences USC
  195. Internship position (Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA Corp.)
  196. One Year Post-Doc Position in Computational Biomechanics (to fill as soon as possible
  197. Ph.D. Position in Computational Biomechanics (to fill as soon as possible)
  198. Ph.D. Position in Experimental Biomechanics (to fill as soon as possible)
  199. Research Physical Therapist at National Institutes of Health
  200. Post-bac IRTA position at NIH
  201. PhD Position in Orthopaedic Biomechanics at Queen’s University Belfast, UK
  202. PhD Gaduate Research Assistant in Hard Tissue Mechanics
  203. Research assistantships in Biomedical Engineering (M.S) at East Carolina University
  204. Advanced Rehabilitation Research Training Post-Doctoral Fellow (Concussion Research)
  205. PhD Positions in Translational Biomechanics at the University of Missouri - Columbia
  206. Kinesiology, neuromotor emphasis, assistant professor position, Bellingham, WA, USA
  207. International Postgraduate Research Scholarships, Curtin University, Perth, Australia
  208. Lecturer / Senior Lecturer Strength & Conditioning (expertise in biomechanics)
  209. Postdoc in Machine Learning (with biomechanics applications)
  210. Assistant Professor in Skeletal Muscle Structure, Function & Plasticity-NU Chicago,IL
  211. Research Assistant position at the Center for the Intrepid, San Antonio, TX
  212. 15 Research fellow positions - EU funded KNEEMO network for knee osteoarthritis
  213. Two-year post-doc in image-based kinematics, Minnesota, USA
  214. Lecturer - Bioengineering, University of Maryland, College Park
  215. Performance Analyst - Snow Sports NZ
  216. Post-doc Shear Wave Elastography for muscle and tendon, Institut Langevin, Paris
  217. Post-doc modeling posture control in infants and children with CP, Hartford, CT
  218. Physical Therapist-Motion Analysis at Phoenix Children's Hospital
  219. Client Support Engineer for The MotionMonitor, Chicago, IL, USA
  220. Post-doc in amphibian musculo-skeletal biomechanics, Royal Vet College, London
  221. Neurorehabilitation postdocotoral position, Medical University of South Carolina
  222. PhD Studentship – Movement variability & shot variability during the golf swing - UK
  223. Postdoctoral Researcher in Wearable Robotics at Harvard Biodesign Lab
  224. Post-doc positions in Shoulder Biomechanics, U Oregon and Arcadia University, USA
  225. PhD position - Modelling of skeletal muscles - Sheffield (UK)
  226. Postdoc position (1 year) in Oto-neurology and balance control - CHU de NANCY, FRANCE
  227. PhD Studentship in the biomechanics of garden tool design
  228. Research Associate – Statistical Shape Modelling Software - Imperial College London
  229. Department Chair / Assoc. Professor/ Professor - University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  230. Xsens Netherlands: Product Specialist – Human Motion Measurement market
  231. Laboratory Manager - Samuel Merritt University, Oakland CA, USA
  232. Director, The Penn Human Performance Center
  233. BADER Consortium - Biomechanics Laboratory Engineer (San Diego, CA)
  234. PhD position in Biomechanics of Knee Arthroplasty Gait Patterns, Dalhousie University
  235. PostDoctoral Researcher, London (UK)+Singapore, Gait Analysis/Lameness in Racehorses
  236. PhD Stipend in Musculoskeletal Modelling of the Knee (Aalborg University)
  237. Research Lead Specialist, Clinical- University of Maryland Baltimore #9434
  238. Exercise Physiology Technician
  239. PhD-Student Position - Biomechanics of Trabecular Bone
  240. PhD Position in Imaging and Computational Biomechanics - Queen's University
  241. Biomechanics post doctoral position
  242. Research Analyst, Nebraska Athletic Performance Laboratory, Lincoln, NE
  243. Post-Doctoral Fellow in biomechanics and/or nanocomposite at Univ. of Texas SA
  244. BADER Consortium - Biomechanics Laboratory Engineer (San Diego, CA)
  245. Lecturer / Senior Lecturer Exercise Physiology
  246. Lecturer / Senior Lecturer - Biomechanics
  247. Postdoctoral Researcher in Experimental Bone Mechanobiology (Ireland)
  248. PhD postition HMB- KULeuven - Belgium: 'Wanna bring robotics into rehab?'
  249. Post doc position - Army Research Laboratory
  250. Professor position, Dept. of PT, Alabama State University, Montgomery, AL