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  1. Job / PhD Opportunities Staffordshire University
  2. Second Call: 9th INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM CMBBE 2010, 24 - 27 Feb2010, Valencia, Spain
  3. soccer during ASB meeting
  4. Lecturing Position. University of Chichester, UK.
  5. Graduate Research Position in Biomechanics at USC with Dr.McNitt-Gray
  6. Re: Biomechanics Graduate Student Position at the University ofWashington
  7. Job Opening: Biomechanical Engineer - Johns Hopkins UniversityApplied Physics Laboratory (JHU APL)
  8. Summary of Replies: Kistler Bioware CoM Calculation
  9. Research Associate in Lower Limb Musculoskeletal Modelling andAnthropometrics Imperial College London
  10. Research Associate in Modelling the Variability in Shape of theLower Limb Skeletal and Muscular Anatomy
  11. Summary of Replies: C3D editing software
  13. University of Florida seeking to hire biomechanics faculty
  14. J Sport Sci & Med, Vol.8, September Issue, 2009
  15. PhD position in London: bone/locomotor mechanics
  16. OpenSim Software Available
  17. Retirement of Prof Sandy Nicol and Mrs S Nicol from theBioengineering Unit of The University of Strathclyde
  18. Chair/Professorship Human Movement Science
  19. CRANFIELD UNIVERSITY - UK: PhD post 'Physico-chemical andstructural analysis of bone tissue'
  20. SFN 2009: Symposium on the Decompostition of Surface EMG Signals
  21. Research Technician position
  22. PhD Studentships in Rehabilitation Sciences
  23. PhD Scholarship in FE Modelling at the Queensland University ofTechnology, Brisbane, Australia
  24. Special JRRD Issue on Rehabilitation Robotics
  25. sports movement analysis
  26. Doctoral course in Tokyo Institute of Technology
  27. Two PhD positions in spinal biomechanics @ Vienna University ofTechnology
  28. Final chance to register for the Patient Centred OrthopaedicSurgery Symposium 28th-29th September 2009
  29. New technician job at The Royal Veterinary College near London
  30. Ground reaction forces on gymnastic mats
  31. LESS THAN 3 WEEKS REMAIN! 7th Annual Delsys Prize
  32. Post-Doctoral Study Position: Austin / San Antonio, TX
  33. Postdoctoral research fellowship in the Sports Surgery Clinic andTrinity College Dublin
  34. Signals Analyst Position for Analysis of Helmet Exposure Data(UNCLASSIFIED)
  35. need help
  36. Faculty position in motor control at the University of Michigan
  37. French Functional Method practitioner needed
  38. Help in Research Topic
  39. Assistant or Associate Professor: Illinois State University
  40. Deinterlacing software?
  41. Re: Deinterlacing software?
  42. Material Model for Flesh / Soft Tissue
  43. Musculoskeletal Simulation Webinar Series
  44. barefoot on a metal forceplate?
  45. CMBBE 2010: Reminder and invitation for special session papers
  46. Biomechanics Software Survey RESULTS
  47. Special Session SS5 on "The Virtual Physiological Human projectand Imaging in Biomechanics" at CMBBE2010, Val encia
  48. Postdoctoral Opportunity Motor Control & Rehabilitation of HumanBalance
  49. Fatigue material data for Titanium Alloy (Ti-6AI-4V) !
  50. Zimmer Special Session on Upper Limb Biomechanics at CMBBE 2010.
  51. Fatigue material data for Titanium Alloy (Ti-6AI-4V) !
  52. REMINDER: Abstract Deadline (18.10.2009), ISEA 2010, Vienna,Austria
  53. ANNOUNCEMENT: Symposium on the Decomposition of sEMG Signals atNeuroscience 2009, Chicago
  54. Sports Biomechanist Position - Li Ning Sports Science ResearchCenter, Beijing
  55. Mechanical Testing Equipment for Sale
  56. LAST WEEK TO APPLY: 7th Annual Delsys Prize
  57. Research Associate Post and PhD studentship on stair negotiationin old age
  58. Sports Surgery Clinic Postdoctoral Research Position
  59. Coupled Model Dissemination
  60. Re: New Positions Annoucement - 3 Research Fellow/Assistantpositions - Wellcome-EPSRC Medical Engineering Centre, Leeds UK
  61. CMAS 2010 - The Discovery of Hidden Aspects of Motion Analysis -29 - 30 March 2010
  62. Adult clinical gait labs
  63. Death of Professor Donald Grieve
  64. Re: Doctoral Research Assistantship in Upper Extremity Injury isAvailable at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  65. Ideas for funding my sport skill optimisation PhD
  66. Call for Abstracts, Society for Experimental Mechanics 2010
  67. Muscle topology database?
  68. Knee OA questionnaire
  69. Force Sensitive Applications (FSA) foot model.
  70. CNC bench top mill
  71. Information on building tendon vibration equipment
  72. Solid Model Human Radius
  73. Grand Challenge Competition to Predict In Vivo Knee Loads
  74. PhD opportunities at Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia
  75. Realistic Simulation-Driven Design for the Orthopedics Industry
  76. PhD positions at Bioengineering Group. CSIC, Spain
  78. 7th Australasian Biomechanics Conference: Earlybird registrationdeadline extended
  79. Optitrack motion capture system, OK for Biomechanics research?
  80. Research Fellow Position in Experimental Spinal Biomechanics,University of Leeds, UK
  81. Facial modeling?Adhesive tape?
  82. A new biomedical engineering and science website
  83. Fw: Post-doctoral position in Neuro-Rehabilitation in Houston,Texas
  84. Faculty Position, University of Florida
  85. Postdoctoral research fellowship Sports Surgery Clinic - deadline12-Oct
  86. EMG Electrodes and Heart Beat Artifact?
  87. Symposium on Mechanobiology of Bone Remodelling and Adaptation atECCM2010
  88. EMG data presentation
  89. Post Doc position available in Dublin - CLARITY Centre
  90. In Vitro Applications and fMRI with in Biomechanics
  91. Analogue capture card for Vicon 612 system
  92. Analogue capture card for Vicon 612 system, problem solved
  93. ethics in ACL research
  94. What BioFeedback Sensors to purchase for Presence experiment?
  95. Research Assistant Position at Boston University
  96. Biomechanics Faculty Position, U. of Texas at Tyler
  98. Code for automated EMG onset detection
  99. -no subject-
  100. Please post
  101. JEGM 2010 Call for Abstracts
  102. Summary of Replies: Deinterlacing Software
  103. Job Posting: Tenure-line Faculty Position
  104. Job posting
  105. Call for Tutorial Proposals for the JEGM (GCMAS + ESMAC) CombinedMeeting
  106. 26th Southern Biomedical Engineering Conference
  107. post-doc at RIC
  108. PhD Studentship: Computational modelling of soft tissues in theknee joint
  109. Professor in Movement Neuroscience at Northeastern University
  110. Biomechanics positions at Cleveland Clinic
  111. Forensic Professional Wanted
  113. Free AnyBody webcast: A multi-segment musculoskeletal foot modelfor clinical gait analysis
  114. Postdoctoral research positions
  115. Job posting at Hospital for Special Surgery
  116. Research Assistant Position Available at Hospital for SpecialSurgery
  117. Post Doc Advert
  118. -no subject-
  119. Musculoskeletal Simulation Webinar Series
  120. Faculty Position Announcement in Neuromechanica at the Universityof North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  121. 8th ISEA Conference, Vienna, 2010 - ABSTRACT DEADLINE EXTENDED
  122. Abaqus - Call for papers
  123. Faculty position School of Human Kinetics and Recreation
  124. animal locomotion post doc
  125. Job Opening: Biomechanical Engineer - Johns Hopkins UniversityApplied Physics Laboratory (JHU APL)
  126. Summary of replies: EMG Data Presentation
  127. Faculty positions at the University of Delaware
  128. post doctoral post in orthopaedic robotics at Imperial CollegeLondon
  129. Post-Doctoral Research Associate in Orthopaedic Implant Design
  130. Open Position: Product Test Manager - Reebok - Canton, MA, USA
  131. faculty position in gait analysis and joint mechanics
  132. Faculty Position
  133. 6th World Congress on Biomechainics 2010 - Call for Abstracts
  134. Position Announcement: Product Development Engineer - OrthoHelixSurgical Designs - Medina, OH, USA
  135. OrthoLoad - The public database of in vivo load measurements withorthopaedic implants
  136. Job posting: Post Doc Research Associate,NeuroMuscular Research Center at Boston University
  137. PhD Studentship: Computational modelling of realigning kneeosteotomy
  138. Request help using OpenSim
  139. Post
  140. Re: Update and Latest Information on CMBBE2010,24th - 27th February, Valencia, Spain
  141. Job posting: Department Chairperson, The Department of Health,Exercise and Sports Sciences at Texas Tech University
  142. CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: ESB2010, 5-8th July 2010, Edinburgh, UK
  143. Job Posting: Professor and Director,Musculoskeletal Research Group, Griffith University
  144. Free webinar: Xsens Technologies
  145. Research Scientist position at Liberty Mutual Research Institutefor Safety, MA, USA
  146. ATC GA Positions for Spring 2010 - Auburn University
  147. CCHMC Sports Medicine 2009 ACL Workshop- Dr. Tim Hewett
  148. Minisymposium at ECCM-2010, Paris
  149. Post-doctoral Positions in Bone Bioengineering at ColumbiaUniversity
  150. P.S: OrthoLoad - The public database of in vivo load measurementswith orthopaedic implants
  151. CSUF job posting
  152. Summary of replies-Adhesive tape
  153. Ph.D. student research position in biomechanics and motor controlat PSU
  154. Ph.D. student research position in biomechanics and motor controlat PSU
  155. J Sport Sci & Med, Vol.8,Combat Sports Special Issue,November 2009
  156. Faculty positions at the University of Colorado at Boulder
  157. Kessler Foundation,Director-Human Performance and Engineering Laboratory,West Orange, NJ
  158. Post-doc position-Saint Louis University
  159. Submissions invited for SBC 2010
  160. Postdoctoral fellow position - Johns Hopkins University
  161. Registrar/Project Manager-Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas
  162. Games for Health Workshop - Melbourne 6th Dec
  163. Delsys Announces the Winner of the 2009 Delsys Prize "PromotingInnovation in Electromyography"
  164. Speakers (2) needed for symposium on modeling at ECSS
  165. ANNOUNCEMENT: Canadian Society for Biomechanics - June 9-12, 2010
  166. Two Faculty Positions
  167. PhD position in computational biomechanics @ Vienna University ofTechnology
  168. A surgical step stool on a force plate
  169. consistency of standing postures
  170. pre-ORS 2010 COMPUTATIONAL METHODS IN ORTHOPAEDIC BIOMECHANICS -second call for abstracts
  171. PhD available for immediate start
  172. JEGM 2010 Call for Abstracts
  173. i-FAB 2010 in Seattle (International Foot and Ankle BiomechanicsCommunity Congress)
  174. Lecturer position in Adelaide
  175. 3D Analysis of Human Movement Invitation - 2010
  176. Smoothing GPS data
  177. ECCM2010 Mini-Symposium on Image Processing and Visualization
  178. 2010 Design of Medical Devices Conference in Minneapolis -Callfor papers
  179. Position Announcement: Program in Physical Therapy FranklinPierce University (Arizona)
  180. First historical use of the Center of Pressure in studying gaitand posture
  181. Two PhD positions at the Department of Mechanical Engineering,KU Leuven, Belgium
  182. Suborbital Researchers Conference
  183. Re: First historical use of the Center of Pressure in studyinggait and posture
  184. Survey on access to online video
  185. Faculty Positions in Exercise and Sports Sciences at Texas TechUniversity
  186. Summary of answers: First historical use of the Center ofPressure in studying gait and posture
  187. Post-doc position in biomimetics
  188. UK and Ireland FES Conference 2010
  190. Ergonomics evaluation software for car cab design
  191. Position as Research Officer at Dpt Orthopaedics RockhamptonHospital
  192. Journal of Biomechanical Science and Engineering (JBSE)
  194. ASTM Symposium on Static and Dynamic Spinal Implants: Are WeEvaluating Them Appropriately?-Call for papers
  195. PhD position at Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia
  197. Career opportunities at AnyBody Technology in computationalbiomechanics and software development
  198. 3 Research Fellow/Assistant positions - The Centre of Excellencein Medical Engineering funded by the Wellcome Trust and EPSRC,Leeds UK
  199. Brain-Computer Interface Postdoctoral Position
  200. 2-Day symposium on AI-Inspired Biology (AIIB) at AISB'2010
  201. Job listing - Biomedical Engineering - Grand Valley StateUniversity
  202. AAOP File format
  203. Biomechanics/Athletic Training Doctoral Research/TeachingAssistantships are Available at the University of Georgia
  204. Research Fellow/Assistant positions - The Centre of Excellence inMedical Engineering funded by the Wellcome Trust and EPSRC,Leeds UK
  205. Software Request: PCT
  206. Job posting
  207. Re: Udate 9th CMBBE2010 Symposium, Valencia, Spain 24 - 27 Feb,2010.
  208. Call for Abstracts - 2010 3D Analysis of Human Movement
  209. Joint PhD position UK and France
  210. polygon reports
  211. Personal Care Robotics - jABB Special Issue
  212. Human-Robot Interaction / Interface - jABB Special Issue
  213. Automatic video track software
  214. differences between walking and running
  215. FW: Portable Oxygen Consumption Equipment
  216. 3 PhD STUDENT positions on Neuromuscular Control in Stroke an CPin the Netherlands
  217. Orthopaedic Research: Why? What? How?
  218. Biomechanics services and rates: survey request
  219. ASB 2010 Call for Abstracts
  220. Motor Control Summer School
  221. Need technical information assistance
  222. PhD Fellowship in Computational Spine Biomechanics
  223. Final reminder - ABC7 registration closes this Friday
  224. PhD available at the University of Birmingham
  225. GaitSym new version
  226. Doctoral Research Assistantships in NeuromuscularControl/Biomechanics at the University of North Carolina atChapel Hill
  227. Job opportunity: Marie Curie Fellowship (Experienced Researcher)
  228. Help regarding CT phantom
  229. JEGM 2010 Abstract Reminder
  230. digital xray templates
  231. Position Announcement
  232. validity of boat velocity measurements
  233. FW: Director for New Laboratory Needed
  234. movement repertoire and adult aging
  235. Science & Swimming First Announcement
  236. Post-op gait analysis
  237. Doctoral study at U Tennessee, Knoxville
  238. Re: Survey on access to online video (summary of responses)
  239. position announcement
  241. Hip Joint Center- Supine Subject
  242. Biomechanics and Applied Anatomy Faculty Opening
  243. Muscle fiber direction dataset
  244. Professor of Orthopaedic Technologies in Aging
  245. Two Asst Prof positions at Grand Valley State University
  246. WCCM / APCOM2010 Mini-Symposium on Computational Methods in ImageProcessing and Analysis
  247. POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT: Director,Bone and Joint Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation Center at TheUniversity of Michigan
  248. Opportunities for NSF-sponsored research at Virginia Tech
  249. Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Bioengineering - Colorado Schoolof Mines
  250. New Academia.edu feature for BioMCH-L