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  1. Re: Joint stability, any standard definition?
  2. REGISTRATION REMINDER - IEEE BioRob 2010 Workshop: 'BridgingHuman Hand Research and the Development of Robotic Technology forHands'
  3. Position: Professor & Head, School of Health Sciences,University of Wollongong, Australia
  4. Re: Joint stability, any standard definition?
  5. Research Technician in Clinical Biomechanics
  6. Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship in Clinical Biomechanics
  7. Updated Information: Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship inClinical Biomechanics
  8. biomechanics course
  9. Motion analysis marker location for Blades when used as a lowerlimb prosthesis
  10. Full-time Employment Opportunity for PhD-- Forensic ImpactBiomechanical Engineer
  11. Footwear Biomechanics Group of the International Society ofBiomechanics
  12. Clinical Applications of Foot Pressure Measurement - User GroupMeeting
  13. PhD Studentship in Sports Biomechanics, University of Exeter, UK
  14. Rehabilitation Robotics faculty positions at Univ. of Michigan
  15. 5K River Run and group run at ASB in Providence
  16. fully funded Ph.D. research position in computational andexperimental cell mechanics
  17. Position announcement: Research engineer or post-doctoral fellow
  18. Statistical Survey of Orthopedic Injuries and Treatment Cost-Reg.
  19. Re: Research Fellow in Biomechanics/Biomedical Engineering:Development of Novel Simulation Systems - WELMEC
  20. ASB 5K River Run and 6:15 A.M. group run
  21. Qualitative Biomechanics Course Assistance
  22. Job Announcement: Research Assistant - Texas Scottish RiteHospital for Children
  24. PhD Studentships - Round Two
  25. PhD and Post-Doc Positions - U Twente, The Netherlands
  26. Job Posting: Faculty Position - Temple University
  27. Postdoctoral position in Biomaterials
  28. Measuring force of tape removal
  29. PhD Scholarship at The University of Sydney
  30. Re: Measuring force of tape removal
  31. Job Opening: Biomechanical Engineer (Experimental) - JohnsHopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU APL)
  32. HFES 2010 Annual Meeting
  33. Postdoctoral position in Spinal Cord Injury research
  34. Please post this announcement for a lecturer position
  35. Special issue on Dynamic Modelling of the Oral,Pharyngeal and Laryngeal Complex for Biomedical Applications
  36. FW: Darren Stefanyshyn,Associate Editor of Footwear Science - Winner of ASB's Jim HayMemorial Award 2010
  37. A simulation problem: How to propagate a 3D crack
  38. Post Doc or Post Master's Job Posting
  39. Postdoctoral Positions at the University of Pittsburgh inCellular Mechanics and Biophysics of Morphogenesis
  40. Wanted: Polhemus Liberty 6 DoF (used) system
  41. Optimizing Performance by Measuring Cardiac Output and StrokeVolume
  42. EMG Integration with Vicon System
  43. Fine Wire Diameter and Material
  44. Joint stability, any standard definition? SUMMARY OF RESPONSES
  45. Looking for an economic 4-channel EMG
  46. Associate Professor San Diego State University
  47. testing device for optical motion capture systems
  48. Product Specialist Movement Science - Xsens Technologies BV,Enschede Netherlands
  49. Postdoc Statistical Shape Modelling,Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands
  50. Used KT-1000?
  51. Job Announcement: Postdoctoral position @ the University ofPittsburgh
  52. Re: Synchronizing Vicon Nexus with 3rd party Biomedical devices(eg. FlexComp ) help...
  53. MRI Fiducial Markers to measure CNS tissue motion
  54. Disposable electrodes
  55. Special Call for Golf Biomechanics Papers
  56. IMMEDIATE OPENING for Biomechanics/Biomedical Engineer (ResearchAssociate Position)
  57. PhD Assistantship - Using VR for Rehabilitation - UNCG
  58. Job Announcement: Part-Time Research Assistant - UniversityHospitals of Geneva
  59. IMMEDIATE OPENING for Biomechanics/Biomedical Engineer (ResearchAssociate Position) - CORRECTION to EMAIL ID
  60. Re: Optimizing Performance by Measuring Cardiac Output and StrokeVolume
  61. Assistant/Associate Professor in Athletic Training
  62. J Sport Sci & Med, Volume 9, September 2010 Issue
  63. Summary of fine wire material
  65. Post-doc Research Position - Roehampton University
  66. Job Announcement Business Developer Movement Science - XsensTechnologies BV, Netherlands
  68. 5th World Congress on Preventive and Regenerative Medicine, WCPRM
  69. Functional Analyst Fort Sam Houston San Antonio Texas
  70. FW: Systems Requirements Analyst Falls Church VA
  71. Orthopaedic Postdoc Positions at UC Davis
  72. 2nd Annual Meeting of the Danish Biomechanical Society on October29, 2010
  73. Research Fellowships at Imperial College London
  74. Scientist in the Leon Root,MD Motion Anlaysis Laboratory of the Hospital for Special Surgery
  75. Job Posting for Director,School of Engineering- Grand Valley State University
  76. An invitation to submit an article to the Journal of ForensicBiomechanics
  77. Postdoctoral Fellowship in Ocular Biomechanics,Devers Eye Institute, Portland, OR
  78. Amendment to Cadaver Foot Testing Data
  79. Call for Papers & Submission of Abstracts for APCST2011
  80. Research Biomedical Engineer position - Minneapolis, Minnesota USA
  81. Open Position: Post Doc in Hand Biomechanics
  82. OPEN POSITION: Postdoctoral Fellow in Sensory-Motor Control
  83. Reminder Call for abstracts: International Congress of ATHLETICS- UCAM
  84. Whitaker International Award For Bioengineers - Application nowopen
  85. Open Position: Application Engineer - Materialise USA, Michigan
  86. Experts in lower leg bone stress injury
  87. ISB Student Award announcement
  88. Re: Truncal Shift and Trendenlenburg's Gait
  89. Biomechanics Research Position - Natick, MA USA (UNCLASSIFIED)
  90. PhD project on biomechanics of cycling accidents in UniversityCollege Dublin, Ireland
  91. Any MiniSun IDEEA system users? Need help troubleshooting
  92. 3rd Announcement: 8th Annual Delsys Prize
  93. Full Professor of Kinesiology, Georgia Southern University
  94. Video editing software
  95. Extension of deadline: PhD Scholarship at The University of Sydney
  96. Post-doc at U. Pittsburgh: Buckling in soft tissues
  97. Faculty Opening - Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering
  98. Faculty Opening - Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering
  99. Fellowship opening
  100. 9th ICRS World Congress
  101. Director of Engineering
  102. Calibration Frequency of Pedar-X Plantar Pressure Insoles
  103. PhD Research Assistantship - Univ of Denver - Knee Mechanics andShape Modeling
  104. NEW JOB POSTING - United States Olympic Committee,Sport Technologist II
  105. Biomechanics rap video for kids: please forward to teachers!!
  106. Free AnyBody webcast: Musculoskeletal Loads within the Rats HindLimb
  107. Somax Video Analysis of Elite Athletes Top 100,000 Views
  108. Faculty position: Division Head Position
  109. Micro-CT Core Facility Manager, University of Michigan
  110. flexiforce sensors
  111. LHDL data collection, fifth release: Femur Organ-Level measurement
  112. PhD Studentship in Bioengineering/Nanotechnology - University ofGenova, Italy
  113. 19th Brussels Hand/Upper Limb Symposium: Call for papers
  114. New Funding Opportunity
  115. Data on the Move: Advancing FEA Design through Patient-BasedMotion Analysis
  116. Employment Opportunity at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
  117. Graduate Positions - Mechanics of Spinal Cord Injury
  118. LHDL data collection,sixth release: Femur Tissue-Level measurement.
  119. Extension abstract submission deadline: International Congress ofATHLETICS - UCAM
  120. EMG biofeedback videos
  121. Post-doctoral Fellowship in Musculoskeletal Research at theKessler Foundation Research Center
  122. Post-doctoral Fellowship in Neuromuscular Research at the KesslerFoundation Research Center
  123. International phd course in Copenhagen !
  124. Seeking information on Optitrack motion analysis system
  125. Call for Papers: Workshop on Biomechanical Simulation of Humansand Bio-Inspired Humanoids at SIMPAR 2010
  126. Postdoctoral Research Scientist in Cardiovascular Biomechanics
  127. Gait Analysis and the ACL patient
  128. Wanted: Vicon MX-13 Camera
  130. Special Call for Biomechanics Papers on Ball Hitting
  131. Summary - Video Editing Software
  132. Assistant Professor of Motor Behavior - Tenure Track
  133. Employment Opportunity for P.T. Aide at Childrens Hospital LosAngeles
  134. Post-doctoral Fellowship in Neuromuscular Gait and OrthosesResearch at the Kessler Foundation Research Center
  135. Response Summary: Measuring force of tape removal
  136. Postdoctoral Position - University of Maryland
  137. 2nd International Conference on Ambulatory Monitoring of PhysicalActivity and Movement 2011
  139. FINAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Delsys Prize 2010
  140. Open Position: Lecturer in Human Physiology - Milan, Italy
  141. PhD Positions * Human Physiology in Milan
  142. POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP 2011 - Cardiac andCardiovasvular Biomechanics
  143. First International Symposium of Digital Human Modeling,June 14-16 2011, Lyon
  144. Meditech Meetings on 11th and 12th November Simulation and 3DUsers
  145. Call for papers "COMPUTER SIMULATIONS IN BIOENGINEERING", 16March 2011, IMechE, London,UK
  146. Tenure-Track Assistant Professor in Biomedical Engineering
  147. University of Florida New Faculty Position Opening
  148. Northwestern University - Postdoc Position in Lower LimbProsthetics
  149. Solutions for step cross over on forceplates
  150. CALL FOR ABSTRACTS -- Sport Measure Simulation symposium -- 31stMay- 1st June 2011 Poitiers France
  151. Position Announcement: Assistant Professor of Kinesiology -Athletic Training
  152. Post doc: Structure & Motion Lab, UK
  153. Vicon and Datapac 2K2
  154. University of Mississippi Faculty Position Opening
  155. Research Laboratory Engineer at Michigan State University
  156. LHDL data collection,7th release: Computer Tomography (CT) dataset of the tibia andfibula bones.
  157. PhD Studentship available at the University of Southampton
  158. Ig Noble prize for biomechanics research
  159. Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering at Penn State
  160. Post doctoral fellowships at Stanford University
  161. Second Grand Challenge Competition to Predict In Vivo Knee Loads
  162. Clinical Applications of Foot Pressure measurement - User GroupMeeting
  163. 21st GRIBOI, Boston 5-7 April 2011- Second Announcement
  164. Postdoctoral Research Fellowship position - Medical EngineeringResearch Group, Anglia Ruskin University
  165. Lecturer in medical electronics and instrumentation
  166. Assistant Professor of Kinesiology at the University of Virginia
  168. Position at Michigan Technological University
  169. Job posting: Robotics Engineer at the Steadman Philippon ResearchInstitute, Vail, CO
  170. Research Fellowship in Ergonomics and Safety & OccupationalBiomechanics
  171. PhD position in Experimental Biomechanics @ Vienna University ofTechnology
  172. Post-Doctoral position in human movement science,biomedical/neural engineering, neuroscience
  173. Looking for two papers
  174. 2010 Bioreactor Course, Keele University
  175. An Important Vicon question about joint angles
  176. Questions on equipment helping Machado-Joseph Disease
  177. First call for papers, IGS 2011, Cancun, Mexico.
  178. Wanted: Used Vicon V-cam
  179. CALL FOR PARTICIPATION | OpenSim Tutorial @ SIMPAR 2010 inDarmstadt, Germany
  180. KT-1000 for purchase
  181. KinCom 125E plus isokinetic dynamometer - help!
  182. Custom upper extremity marker sets
  183. Research Participation Program in Biomechanics - Natick,MA USA (UNCLASSIFIED)
  184. Call for abstracts: 2nd International RSA meeting, April 6-8,Leiden, The Netherlands
  185. Hominoid Carrying Archive
  186. Free AnyBody webcast: Functional outcome analyses of navigatedminimally invasive total hip endoprosthesis using musculoskeletalmodeling
  187. tenure-track faculty position at the University of Iowa
  188. motion capture infrastructure
  189. LHDL data collection, eighth release: Tibia and Fibula Organ-Level
  190. In-vivo ligament/tendon strength test estimates
  191. Re: motion capture infrastructure
  192. Vicon and Datapac 2K2: Summary
  193. amplifiers
  194. LHDL data collection,ninth release: Tibia and Fibula Tissue-Level measurement.
  195. GCMAS 2011 Call for tutorials
  196. Faculty Positions at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  197. Biomechanical/Biomedical Post-doctoral Research Associate
  198. Neuroscience/Neurobiology Post-doctoral Research Associate
  199. Biomechanics and Athletic Training Doctoral Research/TeachingAssistantships are Available at the University of Georgia
  200. Two-step rotation - sphereical rotation coordinate system -searching for equations
  201. Request for Mini-Shaker and Amplifier
  202. Announcement of ISB2011 Brussels
  203. Free AnyBody webcast: Modeling techniques in AnyBody
  204. Timing/jumping testing systems
  205. Scientist Position at the Hospital for Special Surgery
  206. Chair, Department of Physical Therapy and Athletic Training,Boston University
  207. Faculty positions at the University of Delaware
  208. Open Position: Assistant Professor in BME at WPI
  209. Mechatronics Research Engineer II Job available
  210. About mounting ground reaction force plates on a ramp
  211. Conference Announcement SKILLS 2011, Montpellier France
  212. Brazil-Germany symposium on sports biomechanics - live online Oct25
  213. Post-doc Fellowship Computational Biomechanics of MyocardialInfarction
  214. Summary of Jump/Timing devices
  215. Call for Posters: International Conference on SimulationTechnology 2011 in Stuttgart, Germany
  216. Summary: Custom upper extremity marker sets
  217. Gait Lab Set-up in India
  218. Improving the undergraduate Introductory Biomechanics course
  219. Needed MAGSTIM stimulators
  220. 2010 Delsys Prize Winner