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Scott Colby
05-03-2000, 07:15 AM

I realize there has been discussion in the past concerning jobs/career
outlook in the field of biomechanics, salaries, etc, however when I searched
the archives, I couldn't find any good information on salaries for employees
in gait and similar biomechanics labs. Therefore, I am posting this
question to ascertain whether any there is any new information out there
concerning this subject.

I'm trying to find out what the going salary rates are for employees (people
with degrees in biomechanics, exercise science, kinesiology, PT's, etc) in
gait labs. I'm trying to find out, for example, what the average gait lab
salary is for someone with a Bachelor's degree in one of those fields and
one year of experience in a gait lab, or for someone with a Master's degree
and 4 years experience, etc.

Any information will be of help.

Thank you, and if interested, I will post a summary of replies.


Scott Colby
Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children
Movement Science Laboratory

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