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Camilla Havik
05-05-2000, 12:45 AM
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The Norwegian University of Sport and Physical
Education is located in Oslo at Sognsvann by the
outskirts of Nordmarka, one of the countrys most
famous recreation areas. The University consists of
approximately 180 employees and 650 students.


There is a position vacant in Movement analysis at the
Norwegian University of Sport and Physical Education
(NUSPE), Institute for Sports and Biological Sciences.

Organisational structure

The position is in the Institute for Sports and
Biological Sciences. The institute consists of 6
professors, 19 associate professors/assistant
professors, 3 lecturers and 6 adjunct professors. In
addition, technical and administrative personnel. In
the area of movement analysis we have 1 associate
professor and 2 engineers working in the laboratory.

We teach movement analysis at both undergraduate and
graduate level. The institute also advises students at
the doctorate level.

The institute has the following laboratories:
Laboratory for anatomy and muscle physiology (at the
University of Oslo), Laboratory for ball games,
Laboratory for movement analysis, Laboratory for
sports medicine, Laboratory for physiology and
Laboratory for neuro physiology.

Laboratory for movement analysis

The laboratory is large and well equipped, attached to
a large sports hall allowing integrated activity, for
example full speed running over force platforms. The
high ceiling allows such activities as apparatus

The laboratory has been engaged in the following:

Registration of forces/accelerations using AMTI
force platforms (4). Also a variety of
transducers and accelerometers has been mounted
in sports equipment, for example, ski bindings to
more closely examine the forces involved, The use
of the ProReflex opti-electronic system
(Dualisys) using 8 cameras, to study positional,
velocity and acceleration data. EMG analysis of
muscle activity Use of the Locam high speed
camera Video/computer interface and analytic
software Applications of an internal computer
network with steering, and integrational
capabilities video recording and analysis.
Modelling and simulation. The laboratory is
equipped with a view to development of this area
at an advanced level.

Candidates should be conversant with the equipment and
methodology named above.

The field of movement analysis

Movement analysis at NUSPE includes both kinetics and
kinematics. By using movement analysis we study the
body as a mechanical system and also mechanical
processes in the body such as development of forces,
strains and deformities in the movement apparatus. We
analyse sports of all categories – on the ground, in
the air and in water. Other types of human activity
can also be analysed, including both static and
dynamic activities.

Job description

The professor will do teaching at all levels,
conducting research and testing in the laboratory,
advising students at the doctorate level and
conducting research (scientific work) of her or his
own within the field in question. In addition, the
professor is expected to take part in administrative
work and to engage in promoting teaching and research


The applicant must be able to document comprehensive
insight and professional competence at a high level
within the field of movement analysis. He or she must
also display continuous scientific production. The
professional field demands in-depth knowledge in those
areas of physics/mathematics and muscle mechanics that
apply to the defined professional field in question.

Insight into modelling and simulation of mechanical
systems is required.

The applicant must be able to document professional
involvement in the study of the human body as a system
in movement and of the body in movement in sport.

Experience in supervising post-graduate (MSc. & Ph.D.)
students is also necessary.

Ranking the applicants

When ranking the competent applicants we will

A relevant and extensive scientific production of
high quality Documented ability to manage a
laboratory Experience in advising and teaching at
the post-graduate level Relevant and extensive
international, scientific participation Other
documented qualifications relevant for such a
position; such as debating popular science and
communication skills Demonstrated ability to
cooperate with colleagues and to communicate both
with colleagues and the outside world.

If several applicants are ranked equally on the above
criteria, a female applicant will be given priority.


If the person hired does not speak Norwegian, she or
he is expected to speak English fluently. The person
is obliged to pass the test for step three in the
course "Norwegian for foreigners" at the Institute for
Applied Languages-sciences within three years.

Working place

The person hired will be working at the Norwegian
University of Sport and Physical Education at Sogn,


Starting professor salaries range from 384 Norwegian
kroner (circa GBP 29000) to 514000 (circa GBP 39000).


The application must contain documented information
about education, previous work experience and any
other information relevant for the position. The
application must include a list of all publications
and scientific work in progress. The applicant must
describe up to 10 scientific works she or he considers
particularly relevant for the position. If there are
works done in co-operation with others, he or she must
document a certain level of independence and
participation on those particular projects.

If one has questions about the position the right
person to contact will be assistant professor Asbjørn
Gjerset, telephone +47 22185690, e-mail
asbjorng@brage.idrettshs.no or assistant professor Per
Tveit, telephone +47 22185671, e-mail

Within the deadline, the applicant has to send us:

3 copies of the application
3 copies of certificates and other appendixes 3
copies of the publication list and the
description of selected works 3 copies of up to
10 scientific works

The application and its appendixes must be sent within
1.august 2000 to:

The Norwegian University of Sport and Physical
Education P.O.Box 4014 Ullevål Stadion 0806 Oslo

Best regards,
Camilla Havik
webmaster, NUSPE

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