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Ton Van Den Bogert
05-11-2000, 12:50 AM
I am forwarding this for Dr. Nikolai Gantchev.

-- Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L co-moderator


Dear friends-colleagues:

It is a great pleasure and honor for us to make this Preliminary
Announcement related to the next International Conference on Motor Control
to be held in 2001 !!

After the very successful Conference on Motor Control, that took place last
Fall in Varna, Bulgaria, we have received a lot of positive feedback from
colleagues and friends who attended the Conference and from many other Labs
and clinics.
At the Conference, we were very pleased to welcome scientists and clinicians
in the field of Motor Control from eighteen countries. Many world-known
scientists came and shared their knowledge and interests with many younger
people including graduate students. The Round-Table session on the
Equilibrium-point hypothesis, one of the most attractive hypotheses in Motor
Control area, was organized and attended by leading scientists in the field.
More than fifty oral presentations and about thirty-five posters made us
stay together and talk about science and research for four beautiful days.
An outcome of the 1999 Conference on Motor Control was a Book of Papers,
presented at the Conference, containing more than 80 papers. During the
Conference, another book entitled Motor Control Today and Tomorrow was also
promoted, edited by Gantcho Gantchev, Shigemi Mori and Jean Massion.
For information related to the Conference on Motor Control MCC99, organized
in Varna last fall, and on the books please visit our WWW site:

Very soon you will be provided with information on the Next International
Conference on Motor Control MCC2001 to be held in Bulgaria, Varna, September

Towards an Understanding of the role of Motor Control - from simple systems
to human performance
the conference will span many aspects of the control of posture and
movement, from the cellular mechanisms to the clinical aspects of the
recovery of motor function.
We will be very happy to see once again many colleagues united by their
interest in the exciting mechanisms related to the motor activity of the
living beings, sharing their ideas, knowledge and experience in an
atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding.
Since 1969, Varna, Bulgaria, has been 6 times the meeting ground for
scientists from all over the world working in the field of Motor Control.
The International Conference on Motor Control held last Fall was dedicated
to the 30th anniversary of the First Motor Control Symposium in 1969,
launched by Alexander Gydikov and Gantcho Gantchev who were pioneers in
Motor Control studies in Bulgaria since 1953. Ten years has passed since
Alexander Gydikov passed away. Since 1985 due to the tremendous efforts of
Gantcho Gantchev, creating the Advisory Commission to the regular Symposia
on Motor Control, it was possible for this event to continue.
Last year, after broad discussions with many leading scientists in the
field, we started another Conference on Motor Control with the main goal to
concentrate on the problems of posture and movement control and with the aim
to provide another Forum where the link between clinical and theoretical
points of view on Motor Control can be analyzed and enriched on the basis of
exchanging new ides and sharing experience.
The topics of the Conference, unlike the broad subjects addressed usually at
the Symposia on Motor Control, are directed at specific problems of body
balance, co-ordination of posture and movements, and analysis of locomotion
with special emphasis on clinical studies of movement disorders.

In the PREFACE to the Book containing the papers presented at the Conference
on Motor Control during the Fall of 1999 we wrote:

"We look forward to the further developments in the field of Motor Control
which is a challenging and exciting life theme. We would like to believe
that the organization of the Forum on Motor Control is a step towards a
future mutual communications among clinicians and scientists in their
efforts to understand the " mysterious functions" of our Brain, aiming at a
final outcome of improving the daily motor activity of patients with posture
and gait incapabilities."

Looking forward to welcoming you at the next Conference on Motor Control
MCC2001 Varna Bulgaria!

Nikolai Gantchev

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