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Philippe Terrier
05-14-2000, 08:30 PM
> Are there in fact "local" gps that can be set up with
> a transmitter and reciviers in the lab? How accurate?

Inpossible in the lab: a direct access to satellites is needed.
Accuracy: Normal GPS: 20m (Thank you, Bill ;-))
Standard Differential GPS (code mode, standard
receivers): 2-5m
High Precision Differential GPS (phase mode,
professional recivers): 1-2cm,
10-20 positions per second

> If so, are there packages commercially available with
> small devices as well as all of the software (PC-NT)
> needed to use them

High accuracy = 3-4kg ! Usally, professional GPS are available with
softwares to compute position from raw data recorded by the receivers.

Some articles from our lab:

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physical activity of individuals on earth?
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And from congress proceedings:

Terrier P, Q. Ladetto, B. Merminod and Y. Schutz.
High precision satellite positioning system as a new tool to study the
biomechanics of human locomotion. GCMA 2000, Rochester
Gait Posture. 11: 152-153, 2000.

Ladetto, Q., B. Merminod, P. Terrier and Y. Schutz.
On foot navigation: When GPS alone is not enough, GNSS99, Genova (it) 5-8
October 1999, p.443-449.

Philippe Terrier, Insitut de Physiologie, Lausanne, Suisse

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