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Luis Fernando Aragon V., Ph.d.
05-16-2000, 02:49 AM
An invitation to the First Latin American Congress of Science in Football
follows. Please do NOT reply to sender, but to the addresses provided below.
The organizers are particularly interested in good biomechanical studies.

Luis Aragón.

Escuela de Educación Física y Deportes
First Latin-American Congress of Applied Sciences and Football
July 11th to July 13th, 2000


The University of Costa Rica’s School of Physical Education and Sports gladly
invites to the “First Latin-American Congress of Applied Sciences to Football
(Soccer)”. This scientific event will be held in San José, Costa Rica, from
July 11th to July 13th , 2000.

During the Congress, national and international investigators will present,
discuss, and analyze, the most recent football-related research. Trainers,
students, physical education teachers, professors, and all audiences are
invited to participate in this important event.

Three kinds of events will take place during the Congress:

a) Oral presentations (lectures): a researcher will orally present a
research/case study. The duration of a regular presentation is limited to a
maximum of 15 minutes. However, for selected magistral conferences, the
duration will be of 30 minutes . Presenters are encouraged to use high-quality
visual aids (e.g., PowerPoint). All this presentations will be held at the
“Scientific City Auditorium”.
b) Workshops: this is an event that will take place in the football field,
located at the School of Physical Education facilities.
c) Roundtables: a panel of experts will discuss selected topics related to
the game.

Main Topic Covered in the Congress

The main topics covered in the congress will be:

1. Nutrition in the football player
2. Sports psychology
3. Injuries rehabilitation
4. Sports medicine
5. Exercise physiology
6. The biomechanical basis of football
7. Strength, power, and speed training in football
8. Sports Chiropractice
9. Hydration at different environmental conditions
10. Journalism
11. Contracts in football (Sports Law)
12. Football management
13. Women’s football
14. The football referee

However, other areas may be covered.

Information for authors

Authors are encouraged to send their works (presentations, workshops) as soon
as possible (the deadline is June 12th), either via e-mail (MS-Word formatted,
IBM compatible), regular mail (include diskette), or by fax. The maximum
extension of the works must be 6 pages long (single spaced). A brief (1 page)
curriculum vitae must be attached, as well.

Please direct correspondence to:

Walter Salazar, Ph.D.
Escuela de Educación Física y Deportes
Universidad de Costa Rica
Sabanilla de Montes de Oca,
San José, Costa Rica

Fax #: + 506 225-0749

E-mail: wsalazar@cariari.ucr.ac.cr

Mail can also be sent to:

José Moncada, M.Sc.
Escuela de Educación Física y Deportes
Universidad de Costa Rica
Sabanilla de Montes de Oca,
San José, Costa Rica

Fax #: + 506 225-0749

E-mail: jmoncada@cariari.ucr.ac.cr

Please include with your mail your full name, pone/fax number, and e-mail
address. If your proposal is accepted, an official notice will be send to you
within two weeks after we receive your mail.


The cost of the Congress is US $ 75.00. Participants will receive a
participation certificate and the official publication of abstracts.


Registration will take place at the School of Physical Education. Registration
on-site will be allowed for foreigners. However, all other participants (i.e.,
Costa Rican) must register before July 7th.

Further information

If you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Please address your inquiries to Walter Salazar or Jose Moncada.

School of Physical Education and Sports
Phone: + 506 207-3270
Phone: + 506 207-3269

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