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Terry O'bannon
05-18-2000, 09:05 PM
Hello all,

I think there is some confusion here. I think Reuben Sandler was asking
the same question I am interested in - using a GPS -"type" system, not the
actual satellite-based GPS system. By "type" I mean some type of system
where the transponders are not in geosynchronous LEO, but rather on stands
in the laboratory and the receivers on the target limbs, or vice-versa. I
would assume that the frequency of the carrier wave would need to be
distinct from the ubiquitous satellite GPS frequency. Such a system would
not be subject to interference/ blockage from magnetically active materials
(as with Flock of Birds), or be visually obscured, and not pose radiation
risks, provided of course that the appropriate wavelength could be found.
Hopefully someone knows the wavelength of actual GPS systems and its' and
nearby wavelength's attenuation through various materials, biological and
otherwise. Perhaps Mr. Sandler could confirm that this was the intent of
his inquiry.

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