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Reuben Sandler
05-22-2000, 02:28 AM
Terry is correct. This was the question I was asking,
although it was stated much clearer in his message.
Theoretically this type of system should work.

Reuben Sandler

--- Terry O'Bannon wrote:
> Hello all,
> I think there is some confusion here. I think
> Reuben Sandler was asking
> the same question I am interested in - using a GPS
> -"type" system, not the
> actual satellite-based GPS system. By "type" I
> mean some type of system
> where the transponders are not in geosynchronous
> LEO, but rather on stands
> in the laboratory and the receivers on the target
> limbs, or vice-versa. I
> would assume that the frequency of the carrier wave
> would need to be
> distinct from the ubiquitous satellite GPS
> frequency. Such a system would
> not be subject to interference/ blockage from
> magnetically active materials
> (as with Flock of Birds), or be visually obscured,
> and not pose radiation
> risks, provided of course that the appropriate
> wavelength could be found.
> Hopefully someone knows the wavelength of actual GPS
> systems and its' and
> nearby wavelength's attenuation through various
> materials, biological and
> otherwise. Perhaps Mr. Sandler could confirm that
> this was the intent of
> his inquiry.

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