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Dave Brennan
05-23-2000, 06:33 AM
Please do not reply to sender. Direct all inquiries to Michael Rosen, as
indicated below.

Research Position Announcements
Rehabilitation Engineering Service
National Rehabilitation Hospital
Washington, D.C.

Contact Michael Rosen, PhD, Director
202 877-1932 (ph)
202 723-0628 (fax)

New and renewed center grant funding has opened two new engineering R&D
positions in the Rehabilitation Engineering Service at the National
Rehabilitation Hospital. One needs to be filled by a Masters-level individual
with particular strength in applications of electrical engineering and computer
science to our areas of concentration. The other is open to a Doctoral-level
person whose primary expertise is in human-machine systems, electro-mechanical
design and virtual reality. Both engineers will be directly involved in current
and future projects whose outcome will be innovative products and
strong-inference experimental results. The candidates selected could begin work

The National Rehabilitation Hospital is a free-standing not-for-profit 120-bed
hospital which is part of the MedStar provider system spanning the Baltimore-DC
region. NRH delivers comprehensive rehabilitation services to individuals with
spinal cord injuries, stroke, traumatic brain injuries, musculo-skeletal
disabilities, post-polio syndrome and other conditions.

Along with the traditional rehabilitation departments, NRH has a Rehabilitation
Engineering Service with a staff of ten. Of these, seven are engineers; one is
rehabilitation scientist with advanced degrees in linguistics; and one is a
senior research physician specializing in post-polio and spinal cord injury. The
RE Service collaborates extensively with the other hospital departments and is
linked to the currently-developing Neuroscience Program.

The RE Service commits two FTEs to clinical services in assistive technology and
quantitative assessment, while the remainder of its effort is devoted to R&D.
Its R&D activities are supported by two federal center grants. One is the 4-year
Assistive Technology and Neuroscience Research Center (ATNRC) funded by the U.S.
Army Medical Research and Materiel Command and the other is the 5-year
Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Telerehabilitation underwritten by
the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research. The combined
budget of the two centers is two million dollars annually.

Partners in the two Centers are the Departments of Biomedical Engineering,
Nursing and Psychology at the Catholic University of America (five-minutes from
NRH); Sister Kenny Institute in Minneapolis, part of a Minnesota-wide telehealth
network; Eastern Carolina University, a pioneer in telemedicine; and
Anthrotronix, a Maryland start-up working at the intersection of virtual
reality, CHI, Internet applications and assistive technology for children.

R&D projects in the NRH RE Service are concentrated in the following areas:
* Assessment and enhancement of motor function for individuals with disabilities
* Assessment and enhancement of cognitive function for individuals with
* Assessment and enhancement of performance of activities of daily living
* Applications of virtual reality technologies to rehabilitation service
delivery and research
* Telerehabilitation, i.e. applications of multi-media technologies to
rehabilitation at a distance

*** Job Descriptions for New Rehabilitation Engineering Positions ***

Required skills, knowledge and experience
* Undergraduate and masters degrees in electrical engineering and computer
science (or other BS and MS offering equivalent background)
* Programming knowledge and experience for: graphical user interfaces to
consumer applications, data acquisition and display, digital control
* Programming experience in C/C++, ActiveX, Visual Basic, Matlab, Java, and
* Knowledge and experience in microprocessor-based system design and programming
* Digital and analog circuit design experience
* Experience in design and application of sensors
* Experience as part of multi-disciplinary r&d teams

Preferred skills, knowledge and experience
* Experience in medical or rehabilitation applications
* Knowledge of telecommunications electronics
* Professional experience in industry
* Knowledge of CHI principles and practice

Required skills, knowledge and experience
* Doctorate in electrical or mechanical engineering (or other undergrad and
Ph.D. offering equivalent background)
* Knowledge and experience in human-machine systems modeling from a
control-theoretic and information-processing perspective
* Knowledge and experience in Virtual Reality systems
* Knowledge and experience in advanced electromechanical design
* Knowledge and experience in development of digital and analog control systems
* Knowledge and experience in design of haptic systems and manual control
* Demonstrated ability to conceptualize R&D projects in these fields, design
detailed experimental protocols, prepare successful proposals for funding, and
lead and execute funded projects.
* Programming experience in C/C++, ActiveX, Visual Basic, Matlab, LabVIEW
* Experience as part of multi-disciplinary r&d teams
* At least two years of professional experience in industry or academia

Preferred skills, knowledge and experience
* Experience with World ToolKit.
* Experience in medical or rehabilitation applications desirable

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