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Joseph F Seay
05-30-2000, 01:32 AM
greetings all,

I am the lab engineer at a relatively "young" gait lab, where we are
starting to do analyses of children with CP. As part of the process, we
would like to examine video data of the children, and we would like to
view a screen with both frontal and sagittal views on the same screen
(split screen). During a recent visit to MN for a conference and course
(many thanks to the Gilette and Mayo Clinics), I toured a lab that was
using the Panasonic Digital AV mixer model WJ-MX30, and that seemed to get
the job done quite well.

I would like to know where I could purchase an AV mixer, and/or if someone
is upgrading AV mixers and would like to sell a "pre-owned" model. Any
and all AV models will certainly be considered, I was simply citing the
Panasonic as an example.

Thank you for your time, and thanks in advance for your replies. I will
post replies only to those individuals who request them.


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Joseph Seay, M.S.
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Sticht Center on Aging Fax: 336-713-8547
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Winston-Salem, NC 27157
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