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10-20-1992, 08:45 PM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

While the MECH-L (a.o.) posting below reminds a bit much of random posting,
I think that supercomputing is sufficiently interesting for those among us
interested in Finite Element Methods to warrant its crossposting to Biomch-L.

Regards -- hjw.
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1992 10:49:33 CDT
From: Steve Roy 6-2489
Subject: Supercomputing Workshops Announcement
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UIC Workshops on Scientific Supercomputing

Need to perform a large calculation, but your program is just too
slow? Modern supercomputers are a powerful addition to the research-
er's arsenal, but like other tools, full benefit cannot be obtained
without a good working knowledge of the major techniques and limita-
tions. The University of Illinois at Chicago Workshops on Scientific
Supercomputing form a hands-on, immersion program that provides
participants with the necessary expertise for successful, state-of-
the-art computations, developed over a six year period at UIC.

Each participant attends seminars and then applies the techniques
discussed to his or her own program. Set-piece exercises are not
used: instead, each participant will bring a real, substantial pro-
gram to work on. Enrollment is limited so that each participant can
spend substantial time with our consultants. This combination of
formal presentations, open discussions and practical experience with
real programs on several different supercomputers is designed to give
the participant the ability to deal with today's and tomorrow's
supercomputing challenges.

The workshops have been divided into three modules, each four
weeks long, and cover vectorization, parallelization and graphics.
In addition, we offer a one week course, principally for researchers
who supervise students and others doing large scale calculations.

Participants in the Workshops are provided with office space at
UIC, accounts on supercomputers at the Cornell National Supercomputer
Center and the National Center for Supercomputing Applications,
accounts on UIC's mainframe and workstations, extensive consultation
and a library of documentation. The UIC Workshops on Scientific
Supercomputing program is supported by the Joint Center for Scien-
tific and Technical Computing.

For a syllabus or further details, contact Dr. Stephen Roy at
+1(312)996-2489 or u15327 at uicvm.bitnet or uicvm.uic.edu.