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David P. Dillard
07-08-2000, 02:28 AM
First of all, I apologize for being so delayed in responding to
your request for information, I am way behind in my email reading and
responses. I am writing to call your attention to another type of
discussion group that might be helpful for you with a question of this
nature. The one that I am familiar with is the LegalMed discussion group
that focuses in areas of forensic medicine and medical malpractice and
questions of this nature are routine on this list. The Legal-Med list
may be subscribed to from E-Groups website at http://www.egroups.com (.)

To find additional discussion groups of this nature, try a search
on Google at http://www.google.com (.) The search that I recommend you
try including the quotation marks is this:

"forensic medicine" and "discussion groups"

I tried this search and had 180 hits and the first ten looked very
promissing. I hope that these ideas are of some help. I am sure that you
will have also gotten some excellent help from members of the BIOMCH-L
list as well.

David Dillard
Temple University
(215) 204 - 4584

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On Wed, 5 Apr 2000, Llewellyn Michael wrote:

> Dear List Members,
> I have a colleague who is interested in the
> forces or torque that might be required to fracture the femur. This
> relates to a situation where the a 22 month old female suffered a
> displaced spiral fracture at a site approx. 1/3 proximal along the
> femur.
> In particular might such a fracture occur as a
> result of a parent picking the child up, holding her under the armpits,
> and turning her through 90 degrees to lie her back down, without
> realising that the leg was poked through and restrained by the (sturdy
> wooden) bars of a cot.
> * Is there any information as to what
> torque might be generated at the site of the break when picking up and
> turning a child in this way.
> * What forces are torque are typically
> required to break a normal 22 month old thigh bone or a brittle 22 month
> old bone?
> * Could such a fracture occur if the leg
> was poking through the bars and an adult walked into the leg?
> Many thanks
> Mike Llewellyn

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