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René H Turner
07-10-2000, 06:26 PM
Hello coleagues.

Our Hospital is in the process of rebuilding our Biomedical Equipment
Management System... and are somewhat in a quandry as to an accepted
standard to Name Equipment types.

For Instance: Oxygen Blenders Or Mixers,
Heart Monitor or Vital Signs Monitor
Resucitator or Ventilator...

I am Sure you get the IDEA... we are looking for a Standardised
Naming List... Please If you have one or know where to locate
one i would appreciate you sending it to me...

René H Turner Mailto:turnerr@hwl.co.nz
Respiratory / Biomedical Technician
Newborn Intensive Care Unit..
Waikato Hospital, Private Bag,
Hamilton , New Zealand...


May G-d Bless you and Keep you. ICQ# 27674131 Risc OS Foundation 0040
René Turner Mailto:renet@ihug.co.nz H.I.S.NZ http://www.head-injury.org.nz
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