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Gery Colombo
07-12-2000, 09:30 PM
Ph.D. Student / Research Assistant

The labs objective is to better understand the role of the spinal
cord in controlling stance and gait. There are three main topics
of the team: Activity of the locomotor centre in paraplegic
patients, influence of load receptor inputs and motor learning in
healthy subjects. The open position is related to the
last-mentioned field. The successful candidate will investigate the
contribution of different stimulus condition and the role of
spinal and supraspinal centers to functional motor learning during
locomotion. Experiments are mainly carried out on a treadmill
using methods from gait analysis, electrophysiology and
biomechanics. This project is a part of a joint project with the
Artificial Intelligence Lab of the University of Zurich, with the
goal to develop an artificial neural network model of the spinal
locomotor functions to control a bipedal robot.

Major in Human Movement Science, Biology, Physiology, Psychology,
Medicine or a related field

Functional neurophysiology, spinal cord locomotor
function, motor learning

ParaCare, Institute for Rehabilitation and Research at
the University Hospital Balgrist, Zurich

Thomas Erni
Klinik Balgrist
Forchstr. 340
8008 Zürich

Tel: +41 1 386 3728

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Gery Colombo

Institute for Rehabilitation and Research Centre at the University Hospital Balgrist
Forchstrasse 340, 8008 Zurich, Switzerland

Tel ++41 / 1 / 386 37 30
_________________________________________________w ww.paracare.ch_________

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