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07-22-2000, 04:08 AM
Dear all,

A local company has developed a very low friction coating. The friction
coefficient is low enough to eliminate the need for a non-metallic
component in a total hip/knee replacement. So, the company is interested in
developing it for hip and knee replacements.

Friction in joint replacements, the debris it produces and the
inflammation they can cause is a problem in joint replacement. However
before proceeding with that endeavor, the company would like assess the
potential for such a product. Specifically, they would like to know how
orthopaedists and others in the field feel about this problem: is it
serious enough to justify a new line of production for these joints? Is
there a need out there for such a development?

All comments are welcome. We are especially interested in feedback from
orthopaedists, researchers and design engineers dealing with hip/knee
replacements. As usual, I will provide a timely summary of all comments to
the list.

Eihab Abdel-Rahman
NonLinear Dynamics Group
Virginia Tech

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