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Robert Gregor
07-24-2000, 02:58 AM
Center for Human Movement Studies
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA 30332-0110

Contact: Dr. Robert Gregor
Director, Center for Human Movement Studies
404-894-7659 or 404-894-1028

The Center for Human Movement Studies is seeking an individual with a
background related to biomechanics, movement control, kinesiology and/or
biomedical engineering with an interest in the application of biomechanical
techniques to the study of human movement. The Center started in 1997 and
currently has several projects related to movement control using both animal
and human models. Current projects in the Center include gait analysis in
child amputees, power flow in DER feet, the investigation of an intense Tai
Chi exercise intervention and prevention of falls in the elderly, an
ergonomic assessment of upper extremity function and motor output
strategies and movement control in the cat hindlimb, to name a few.
Faculty in the Center currently interact with faculty and staff in the
Center for Rehabilitation Technology, the Georgia Tech Research Institute,
the Department of Health and Performance Sciences, the College of
Engineering, the Departments of Physiology, Neurology, Rehabilitation
Medicine and Cell Biology at Emory University, the Atlanta VA Hospital and
the Scottish Rite Hospital. The Center is multi disciplinary in its
to the study of movement control.

Qualifications for the position include:

1. Masters degree with a background in biomechanics/human movement analysis
2. Computer programming skills - fluency in LabView is a must!
Many of the current applications programs are written in Labview so
it is imperative the applicant has experience in programming.
3. Some familiarity with PEAK motion analysis systems (MOTUS)
4. Some ability to troubleshoot biomechanical instrumentation (force plate,
emg, force sensors)
5. Strong organizational skills and interpersonal skills
6. Some experience in computer networking and systems administration is

Responsibilities include:

1. Updating and developing analysis software
2. Assisting visiting faculty, researchers, and students in research projects
3. Participating in data collections, data reduction, and data analysis

Salary will be commensurate with experience. Interested individuals should
send a letter of application, resume, and names, addresses , email addresses
and phone numbers of at least three individuals we would contact for letters
of reference. Applicants will be reviewed immediately and continue until the
position is filled. The position is currently open and must be filled as
soon as possible.


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