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07-26-2000, 01:06 AM
Biomch-l folks:

A colleague has asked me a question, and I turn it over to you all, as
collectors and storers of data:

A while ago, if one wanted to collect 60 minutes of raw EMG, one used a VCR -
for instance, the Vetter system. I have never used such a system, and don't
know how they work. A few questions:

1) is the data stored in analog form, or is it digitized first, then stored

2) are systems like this still in use for this application?

3) if this is now obsolete, how is this task done now (storing several
channels of high frequency data (say 2000 Hz) for a long data collection
period (say 60 minutes)?

I will summarize responses, and I thank you in advance.

Marc Besser
Marcus P. Besser, PhD []
Assistant Director, Human Performance Laboratory _ /_/
Associate Professor, Department of Physical Therapy / /
Thomas Jefferson University / \
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 19107-5233 /_ \_
Phone:215-503-1645 Fax:215-503-3499 email: marcus.besser@mail.tju.edu

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