View Full Version : Upgrading the Cybex II isokinetic system?

Jim Martin
07-27-2000, 07:21 AM
Hello All:

I have just moved into a new lab which includes an older model Cybex II
Isokinetic system, complete with a not quite state of the art strip chart
recorder. My first instinct was to call campus surplus, but it seems that
these older systems were very well made and are still in use in many labs.
Isokinetic testing is not a focus of my research but I would consider
upgrading this system if I could do so at a reasonable cost and if the
upgrade made it easy for my students to use.

Therefore, my questions are directed to those of you have upgraded these
older systems:
What methods (hardware and software) have you used to update and improve
data collection?
Are you happy with the performance of your system?
Would you do it a different way if you had it to do over?

At least two options include the Biopack interface and the HUMAC system
(specifically designed for Cybex II). Are there other/better choices?

Thanks in advance,

Jim Martin

James C. Martin Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Exercise and Sport Science
University of Utah
Email: Jim.Martin@health.utah.edu
Phone: 801-581-7558
Fax: 801-585-3992

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