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Ceriani, Dylann
07-28-2000, 01:21 AM
Dear Subscribers,

I am currently researching tibial geometry and/or morphology for a high
tibial osteotomy fixation plate I am designing. This device will be
implanted on the medial aspect of the proximal tibia, at the level of the
tibial tuberosity. I need to know the range of widths of adult tibias at
this anatomical location so I can properly account for curvature when the
osteotomy wedge is opened.

A search of Grateful Med, PubMed and the Biomch-l archives produced a lot of
information about the most proximal region of the tibia, i.e., the area
removed when knee arthroplasties are performed, but yielded nothing of the
geometry just below. I have found finite element models of single tibias,
have looked at Visual Human, and have received information from Pacific
Research about the three sizes of "Sawbones" they produce. These have given
me single data points, but I am looking for statistical variances. Does
anyone know of any studies that have been performed on tibial geometries in
general or, more specifically, of the width of the tibia in the AP plane at
the level of the tibial tuberosity?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Dylann Ceriani
Mechanical Design Engineer
dj Orthopedics

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