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Justin Ludcke
08-01-2000, 06:37 PM
Biomch-L Colleagues,

I have a query that relates very closely to a question recently posed by
John Finan (University College Dublin) on joint stiffness. Within our
research we are modelling the Standing Hybrid III Dummy on a moving floor.
The defined joint stiffness of the lower limbs (particularly the knee)
consist of little or no stiffness throughout the normal range of motion
with a dramatic increase when nearing the end of the joint ROM. This is to
simulate the physical end-limits of joint motion.Therefore any upward
movement of the floor causes the dummy to crumble. Is there any data or has
there been any work done on the stiffness properties of these joints in
anticipation of an upward force? For example, the stiffness in the knee
before landing from a jump. We are not primarily concerned with any
increased stiffness due to increased muscle activation during the impact.
We would like some idea of joint stiffness applied by the semi-conscious
muscle activation in anticipation of the upward force.

Your help would be greatly appreciated and a summary will be posted.


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