View Full Version : MVC EMGs in CMJs

unknown user
08-02-2000, 08:34 PM
Dear Colleagues:

I am wondering if someone knows references in the literature where the EMGs
(GAS, SOL, RF, ST, VL, GLU, TA, etc..) obtained during vertical jumps (CMJs)
were normalised with respect to MVC. I found several papers (e.g. Bobbert &
V. I. Schenau, 1988; Bobbert & Van Soest, 1994), but most of them used the
peak activation measured during the jumps as a criterion or, in some cases,
did not normalise the data at all.
I thank you in advance

Andre Rodacki
Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences
Manchester Metropolitan University
Hassal Road, Alsager, Staffordshire
United Kingdom

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