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08-08-2000, 07:28 PM
Post graduate studentship in animal locomotion
The Royal Veterinary College, University of London

The student will be based in the Department of Veterinary Basic Sciences at
the College's Hawkshead site which is 16 miles north of Central London in a
rural location adjacent to main road and rail links and with Luton,
Stanstead and Heathrow airports nearby. The College is the largest
veterinary college in the UK and teaches several courses including
Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Physiotherapy. Musculoskeletal biology
is one of the College's main research area with about 25 tenured members of
staff active in that area and close links with other Colleges in the
University of London and elsewhere. Further details about the college at

The biomechanics laboratory is sited adjacent to the equine and small
animal hospitals and facilities include 500Hz ProReflex 3D motion analysis
system, Kistler 9287BA forceplate with installations in rubber, concrete
and tarmac runways and in an indoor school, Sato high speed (15ms-1) equine
treadmill, hydraulic loading equipment, National Instruments data logging
hardware and LabView software, horse shoeing forge, mechanical workshop.
Other software packages include Matlab, SIMM and Statistica. Most of our
research addresses equine locomotion, musculoskeletal injury and repair.

Ongoing research projects:
The mechanical basis of musculoskeletal injury and its treatment by
corrective shoeing, particularly navicular disease, tarsal osteoarthritis
and laminitis.
The effect of horseshoe profile and material on distal interphalangeal
joint moments and the atenuation of impact energy.
Mechanics and control of elastic energy storage for economical locomotion.
Role of muscles in damping of musculoskeletal vibration.
Evaluation of different repair techniques for cranial cruciate rupture in
the dog.

Ton van den Bogert, Cleveland Clinic, Ohio
Roger Woledge, UCL Institute of Human Performance, London.

Applicant should possess a 1st or 2:1 BSc degree in a relevant science
subject or equivalent qualifications, be EU nationals and have a good
command of English. Funding at BBSRC London rates (currently a tax free
grant of 9200 plus payment of tuition fees) would be for up to three years
subject to satisfactory progress. The studentship would be in an aspect of
horseshoe design, equine lameness research or in the energetics of
locomotion in bipedal birds.

Enquires to project supervisor Alan Wilson awilson@rvc.ac.uk Tel 44 1707
666259 or 44 771 8585193.

Alan M. Wilson
Dept Veterinary Basic Sciences
The Royal Veterinary College
Hawkshead Lane
North Mymms
Tel 01707 666259
Mobile 0771 8585193
Fax 01707 666371
email awilson@rvc.ac.uk

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