View Full Version : Spastic CP: can we go slow-to-fast?

Adam Shortland
08-09-2000, 09:56 PM
Dear Subscribers,
There have been two articles in the literature (Rose et al., J. Orth. Res.
12 758-68 and Ito et al., Brain and Development 18: 299-303) suggesting that
there is a predominance of type-I fibres in gastrocnemius muscle of children
with spastic cerebral palsy, possibly due to the altererd patterns of
stimulation that these muscles receive. Because of the slower dynamic
qualities of these muscles it is possible that they exacerbate the poor
motor abilities that these children possess.
It has been suggested to me that transformation of type-I to type II fibres
may occur with high intensity exercise or high intensity electrical
stimulation. It makes soem sense, but does anybody know of reported data to
support this view?
I'd be grateful for any help.

Adam Shortland PhD
One Small Step Gait Laboratory

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