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Richard Baker
08-14-2000, 06:33 PM
In posting the summary of replies relating to the provenance of Dempster's
anthropometric data I mistakenly referred to "DI Miller - himself". Gordon
E. Robertson has been good enough to point out to me that DORIS IDA Miller
is now professor at the University of Western Ontario. Apologies to her for
my ignorance.

While I'm posting this could I also acknowledge information from Alexey
Tchkalov, Frank L Buczek, Z. Hasan, Don Grieve, Tomoyuki Matsuo, Joel A.
Vilensky and Paolo de Leva who also sent me details of the papers I was
looking for but whose replies arrived after I'd actually posted my summary.

Paolo de Leva also directed to me his own re-working of Zatsiorsky's data
which he points out covers many more subjects (100) than Dempster, is
information based on young, male and female, living subjects and includes
the distal joint positions allowing the centre of mass of multi-segment
systems to be calculated (de Leva, P. (1996) Adjustments to Zatsiorsky's
segment inertia parameters. Journal of Biomechanics 9 (vol. 29).).

Thanks for everybody's help.


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