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Doug Mcclymont
08-15-2000, 02:01 PM
Hi everybody,

I'm in the "thinking about" phase of a project on aerial movement on
a snowboard. If it gets off the ground(!) then we'll need some
synthetic snow but the internet is providing few clues at the moment.

Back in the '70's there were number of small artificial ski slopes in
NZ, made of plastic pieces that clipped together like 2 dimensional
Lego. I had access to one then but it's long gone and the enthusiasm
has died. Now that I'm looking for the same stuff again I'm having
difficulty. If there is anyone out there who might point me in an
appropriate direction I'd appreciate it.


Doug McClymont
(senior lecturer in Physical Education)
Christchurch College of Education
P.O.Box 31-065
New Zealand
ph 0064+3+348-2059
fax 0064+3+343-7740

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