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H.j. Woltring,fax/tel +31.40.413 744
10-29-1992, 03:04 AM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

Following my preliminary posting on 30 September, today I received a
more official announcement from the ISB Rome office. It is a real
pleasure to reannounce this first volume in the International Series
of Biomechanics which, one hopes, will evolve into a series of stan-
dard reference works with a long life time. I remember with pleasure
the amiable environment in which the 1989 Formia (Italy) meeting took
place at which these papers were presented.

Considering the price differences between members and non-members, this
announcement is, in effect, also a form of membership advertising: US $
35,00 per year (students US $ 15,00 only), including the ISB's bimonthly
News-Letter. For further information on the ISB, I suggest that you
retrieve file ISB INFO from the Biomch-L fileserver with (for those of
you who are new on the list) the command SEND ISB INFO either interac-
tively or in the main body of an email note to LISTSERV@HEARN.BITNET,
a.k.a. listserv@nic.surfnet.nl, without or with any Subject line.

Good reading!

P.S.: the authors were kindly invited to present at the organisers'
expenses, so they will not obtain any royalties, I understand.


Edited by A. Cappozzo, M. Marchetti and V. Tosi
ISB Book Series - Volume 1
Promograph - Roma - Italy - 1992 - ISBN 88-86125-00-3
(hard bound, 356 pages, 180 black and white and 7 colour figures)

After a learned introduction by S. Cerquiglini, Part I of the volume
illustrates the development of the concept of movement from the Greek
philosophers to the Renaissance (G. Lorini et al.). The chapter on
Borelli, the father of Biomechanics, by A. Cappozzo and M. Marchetti
follows. Part II reviews the pioneering work carried out using moving
pictures by Muybridge, Marey , Braune and Fischer, Bernstein, Eberhart
and his associates, and others in the period of time which goes from
1878 to 1950. Relevant chapters are authored by V. Tosi, S. Bouisset,
P. Maquet, H. -K. Galle, H. Jansons and J.P. Paul. Also included in
this part is a chapter, by J.P. Clarys and L. Lewille, dealing with the
work done by Duchenne de Boulogne and his predecessors on the recording
and interpretation of the electrical activity in skeletal muscles.
Part III presents, still in a historical perspective, the use of
cinematography in biolocomotion both from the methodological point of
view (H.J. Woltring) and in different fields of study, such as the
assessment of musculo-skeletal disorders (R.A. Brand) and animal
locomotion (R.McN. Alexander). Part IV is devoted to contemporary
results obtained in different application contexts using moving
pictures associated with electronic computers. It includes chapters
by F. Greichen and G. Bergmann, T. Mittlemeier et al., A. Siemienski,
J. Dul et al., F. Merni et al., M. Solari et al.
The volume is enriched with an extensive iconography, part of which
has never been published before.

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