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08-20-2000, 05:33 PM
I am attempting to measure muscle function of a rat soleus muscle.

The muscle is dissected and the tibial bone removed. The muscle is held
between a fixed clamp and a load cell by the foot and femoral bone. The
muscle if then stimulated with current pulses via two stainless steel pins
which are inserted into the muscle. As we do not have a Grass instrument,
the pulses are generated with Labview and associated circuitry.

I have read a number of papers they all differ in there approach. If any
one has any experience in this type of experiment I would be grateful for
the following information.

1. Any articles which related to this subject, especially methodlogy
2. Initial loading
2. Pulse width
3. Stimulation Frequencies
4. Stimulation currents
5. Relaxtion times etc.

Thanks in advance

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