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08-22-2000, 11:44 PM

I am in the process of helping someone build a kayak ergometer. We are
looking for answers to the following questions if anyone can help please.

1. Width of the boat at the place where the paddler puts his blade into the
water; or perhaps more accurately said: At what distance from the boat
center line does a paddler put his blade into the water ?
2. What is the distance (min., max.) longitudinally between this point and
the lowest point of the foot stretcher ?
3. The same for the distance between the lowest point of the foot stretcher
and the centre of the seat.
4.What is the distance between the paddle and the center line of the boat at
the centre of the seat position ?
5.What does a kayak weigh ?
6. What is the length L1 (and/or range of) the cylindrical part of the
paddle between the blades, and what the blade length L2, assuming that the
total paddle length is L1 +2*L2 ?
7. What is the height differential between the lowest point of the foot
stretcher and the lowest point of the seat ?
8.What is (the range of ) inclination of the foot stretcher ?
9.Could you provide me with a cross section to scale of a kayak at the
centre of the seat, with the position of the water line, and the seat height
relative to the waterline ?
An answer on any (or preferably all ) of these questions would be most

I hope in time this will improve kayak ergometry.

I will post the summary to this listing.

Apologies for multiple postings.

Danny Rutar
National Coaching and Training Centre
University Of Limerick
Ph: +353 6120289 FX: +35361338174
Email: danny.rutar@ul.ie

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