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Stephen Sprigle
08-24-2000, 03:37 AM
we're currently validating the use of FOB to monitor pelvic
movement as people with SCI reach while seated.

validation is by using radiographs, but our question
arose while doing repeatability

we've attached birds in 2 manners to measure pelvic tilt (pitch), both with
pros and cons:
1) birds affixed to the ASIS and PSIS
pro: sensors are on ilium, the target structure
con: many folks have substantial tissue over these prominences (location &
movement error)

2) single bird affixed to sacrum via sacral belt
pro: much, much easier to don/doff and much less tissue over bone
con: movement of SI joint potentially adds error

data shows excellent repeatability of both approaches, but we'd be curious
to hear
if anyone has tackled a similar issue or has opinions on SI mobility in the
seated posture of persons
with SCI.


stephen sprigle
center for rehabilitation technology
helen hayes hospital

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