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Ton Van Den Bogert
08-30-2000, 01:42 AM
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Company: Exeter Research, Inc.
Address1: 80 Haigh Road
Brentwood, NH, USA 03833

Submitted by: E C Ned Frederick PhD
Email address: nederick@exeter-research.com
Title: President

Phone: 603-772-4689
Fax: 603-658-0210
URL: www.exeter-research.com

Keywords: test equipment, traction, impact, footwear, consulting

CONSULTING SERVICES: Exeter Research is primarily an R&D
consulting firm. We perform and arrange research, product
development, and advanced project services for the sports and
footwear industries. Previous clients include: Nike, Inc., adidas
AG, Rollerblades, Inc., Asolo SpA, Lotto SpA, Rossignol, Avia,
Inc., Dr. Scholls, Nordica SpA, Converse, Inc., Timberland, Inc.,
Wilson SG, Inc., Spenco Medical Corp., and Sorbothane, Inc..

TEST EQUIPMENT: We offer for sale our own line of functional test
equipment specifically designed to evaluate footwear and footwear

CompITS - Our Computerized Impact Testing System. The CompITS is a
motorized impacter which measures the impact characteristics of
shoes and shoe materials or components, such as foot beds.

S2T2 - Shoe and Surface Traction Tester. A portable tester
measuring translational (dynamic and static) and rotational
friction between any shoe and any surface. Designed to work with a
laptop and battery-operated sensors. However, it also functions
well in the laboratory.

SHOE FLEXER - Dynamic shoe flexibility tester. Angular position
and moment are monitored during a user-specified series of flexes
of the whole shoe.

Our devices are the only commercially available testers for
measuring: impact shock attenuation, traction, and flexibility on
shoes and shoe components.

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