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08-30-2000, 05:20 AM
Literature Update for keywords BIOMECH* or LOCOMOT*

Including the return of my PICK OF THE WEEK.

Rodger Kram
Univ. of Colorado

Ebrahim, Shah; Wannamethee, S. Goya; Whincup, Peter; Walker, Mary; Shaper,
A. Gerald.
Locomotor disability in a cohort of British men: The impact of lifestyle
and disease.
International Journal of Epidemiology. June, 2000. 29(3):478-486.

Reich, T. E.; Lindstedt, S. L.; LaStayo, P. C.; Pierotti, D. J.
Is the spring quality of muscle plastic?.
American Journal of Physiology. June, 2000. 278(6 Part 2):R1661-R1666.

Ting, Lena H.; Kautz, Steven A.; Brown, David A.; Zajac, Felix E.
Contralateral movement and extensor force generation alter flexion phase
muscle coordination in pedaling.
Journal of Neurophysiology (Bethesda) June, 2000. 83(6):3351-3365.

Guilak, Farshid.
The deformation behavior and viscoelastic properties of chondrocytes
in articular cartilage.
Biorheology. 2000. 37(1-2):27-44.

Melling, Mahmoud; Pfeiler, Wolfgang; Karimian-Teherani, Daniela;
Schnallinger, Martina; Sobal, Grazyna; Zangerle, Christa; Menzel, Ernst J.
Differential scanning calorimetry, biochemical, and biochemical analysis
of human skin from individuals with diabetes mellitus.
Anatomical Record. July 1, 2000. 259(3):327-333.

Carter, D. Howard; Scully, Andrea J.; Hatton, Paul V.; Davies, Robin M.;
Aaron, Jean E.
Cryopreservation and image enhancement of juvenile and adult dentine
Histochemical Journal. April, 2000. 32(4):253-261.

Garber, Mitchell A.; McDowell, David L.; Hutton, William C.
Bone loss during simulated weightlessness: A biomechanical and
mineralization study in the rat model.
Aviation Space and Environmental Medicine. June, 2000. 71(6):586-592.

Maenner, Joerg.
Cardiac looping in the chick embryo: A morphological review with special
reference to terminological and biomechanical aspects of the looping
Anatomical Record. July 1, 2000. 259(3):248-262.

Oddou, C.; Wendling, S.; Petite, H.; Meunier, A.
Cell mechanotransduction and interactions with biological tissues.
Biorheology. 2000. 37(1-2):17-25.

Stern, Jack T.,
Climbing to the top: A personal memoir of Australopithecus afarensis.
Evolutionary Anthropology. 2000. 9(3):113-133.

Aerts, P.; Van Damme, R.; Vanhooydonck, B.; Zaaf, A.; Herrel, A.
Lizard locomotion: How morphology meets ecology.
Netherlands Journal of Zoology. May, 2000. 50(2):261-277.

Spicer, R.; Gartner, B. L.; Darbyshire, R. L.
Sinuous stem growth in a Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) plantation:
Growth patterns and wood-quality effects.
Canadian Journal of Forest Research. May, 2000. 30(5):761-768.

Moulia, Bruno.
Leaves as shell structures: Double curvature, auto-stresses, and minimal
mechanical energy constraints on leaf rolling in grasses.
Journal of Plant Growth Regulation. March, 2000. 19(1):19-30.

Van Leeuwen, Johan L.; De Groot, Jurriaan H.; Kier, William M.
Evolutionary mechanics of protrusible tentacles and tongues.
Netherlands Journal of Zoology. May, 2000. 50(2):113-139.

Muller, M.
Biomechanical aspects of the evolution of semicircular duct systems.
Netherlands Journal of Zoology. May, 2000. 50(2):279-288.

Lovegrove, Barry G.
The zoogeography of mammalian basal metabolic rate.
American Naturalist. August, 2000. 156(2):201-219.

Kindly contributed by Jeff Walker.

Phillips, C.J.C., Morris, I.D.
Journal of dairy science. AUG 01 2000 83:1767
The Locomotion of Dairy Cows on Concrete Floors That are Dry, Wet, or
Covered with a Slurry of Excreta.

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