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Emanuele Secco
08-31-2000, 07:35 PM
To Biomch-L subscribers
To prof. Ialdous

About my question on Biomch:

> I'm looking for some data about human fingers: are you able to suggest

> me a good book/article where I can find informations about:
> - the lenghts of human finger's phalangies
> - the viscous coefficient of metacarpophalangeal (MP), proximal (PIP)
> and distal interphalangeal (DIP) joints cartilages

I've received this answer:

Here are a couple of sources of finger length that I know of. There is
also a
larger work of Garrett that I haven't tracked down from the US military

B. Buchholz and T. J. Armstrong. An ellipsoidal representation of human
anthropometry. Human Factors 33 (4):429-441, 1991.

J. W. Garrett. The adult human hand: Some anthropometric and
considerations. Human Factors 13 (2):117-131, 1971.

Thanks to Peter Keir for his help,

Emanuele Lindo


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