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Kieran Moran
09-03-2000, 08:36 PM
Please circulate the following from the:
Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland
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Please respond directly to Brian McNamara, via e-mail:
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PhD studentship in the construction of muscle-tendon vibrators

A PhD studentship (IEŁ8,000 plus fees) is currently available for
collaborative work between the Department of Mechanical Engineering and
the Department of Sport Science and Health.

SUBJECT - The project is part of a much larger investigation into the
effect of low amplitude vibrations on muscle, tendon, bone and
connective tissue response. The vibrations are applied during strength
training for both health and sport purposes. Specifically, the project
will develop: (i) a machine to both train and measure muscle
functioning, (ii) novel low amplitude vibrators to attach to the skin
above the muscle, and (iii) a test rig to measure the magnitude of
vibrations away from the site of application.

We are looking for an innovative and motivated individual to work in
this new and exciting field.

ELIGIBILITY - The position is available from the 1st October. Students
with a 1st, or 2i, or a 2ii degree, or an MSc degree in one of the
following areas should apply: Mechatronics, Engineering, Bio-engineering
or a closely related subject.

For further information on the subject, details of application and life
in Dublin, please contact:

Dr Brian McNamara
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Dublin City University (http://www.dcu.ie)
Tel: 00353 1 7005712
e-mail: Brian.McNamara@dcu.ie

Brian will be away from the office until the 11th September.
Closing Date for applications: 25th September 2000


Sent by:
Dr Kieran Moran
Biomechanics Research Group
Centre for Sport Science and Health
Dublin City University
Dublin 9

tel: 00353 - 1 - 7008011
fax: 00353 - 1 - 7008888

e-mail: kieran.moran@dcu.ie

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