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Herman J. Woltring
08-18-1989, 12:15 AM
>From 14 to 18 August 1989, the 8th Annual Meeting and Exhibition of the
(American) Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, was held in Amsterdam.
The meeting was organized in collaboration with two European societies, and
comprised about 340 orally presented papers and 640 posters of a technical,
medical, and biological nature. The number of participants was on the order
of 2000. Prior to the actual meeting, two educational days on basic and advan-
ced topics were organized, including lectures on the use of MR in bone, spine,
and spinal cord. A highly readable primer "Medical Magnetic Resonance", edited
by Thomas F. Budinger and Alexander R. Margulis on both physical principles of
MR and clinical use was provided (this 1988 book is available for US $ 30,00
from the Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 1918 University Avenue,
Suite 3C, BERKELEY, CA 94704, USA -- prepaid by check on a US bank, and possibly
also by International Money Order or credit card).

Limiting myself to a BIOMCH-L point of view, the conference contained a large
number of items on MR imaging and spectroscopy of the musculoskeletal system and
in cardiology, both of a technical and clinical nature. Various presentations
were concerned with 3D and dynamic imaging of the knee joint. There were some
papers on postprocessing of 3-D or dynamic imaging data; one presentation from
the Mayo Clinic provided CAD/CAM rendering of the menisci, but the author stated
that this was not for routine clinical use. There were also papers on dynamic
imaging of the knee and wrist joints. If sufficient BIOMCH-L readers are inter-
ested, I might provide a list of titles and authors on these topics.

In the commercial exhibition, the major vendors of MR equipment provided their
newest products. Also, a few publishers displayed their newest books on MR;
among these, there were some on MRI of the Musculoskeletal System, on MRI in
Orthopaedics and Rheumatology, and on Imaging of Sports Injuries (full details
will follow later).

During the meeting, the following announcements were made which might be
relevant for BIOMCH-L:

(1) Society for Neurological Spectroscopy

The Society for Neurological Spectroscopy (SNS) was established in Chicago on
April 14, 1989 (James W. Pritchard, President). The Society promotes original
research and clinical applications in the fields of magnetic resonance spectros-
copy of the nervous system and skeletal muscle system. For membership informa-
tion please contact Tsutomu Nakada, Secretary-Treasurer, SNS, Department of
Neurology, University of California at Davis, 150 Muir Road, MARTINEZ, CA 94553,
USA, tel. +1.415.228-6800, ext. 436.

(2) Musculoskeletal Fellowship in Radiology

The Department of Radiology of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital / Jefferson
Medical College wish to announce the establishment of a Musculoskeletal Radio-
logy Fellowship. The term of the fellowship is one year and is available at
this time. The section of Musculoskeletal Radiology is directed by a highly
motivated staff fully involved in Magnetic Resonance Imaging, CT and Arthro-
graphy. The related disciplines of skeletal pathology and orthopedics are of
excellent quality.

If you are interested in this program, please contact David Karasick M.D.,
Chief-Section on Skeletal Radiology (928-8167); Robert M. Steiner, Director-
Division of Diagnostic Radiology (928-7218); or David C. Levin M.D., Professor
and Chairman, Department of Radiology (928-7264).

Please send letter of interest and curriculum vitae to:

Department of Radiology
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
Suite 3607
111 South 11th Street

Herman J. Woltring